Are You Missing Potential Clients On Facebook?

I bet you are missing out on a ton of communications from leads on your Facebook page. I suspect you trust the notification system. I've been an owner and manager of hundreds of pages over the years. Some I own, some I build and hand off to…
Remove Your Name from Spokeo

ieSonoma | Innovate and Educate Conference

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I am honored to be asked to speak at the ieSonoma conference at the Sonoma Country Day School on June 10, 2013. The panel of speakers are: Sir Ken Robinson, Darius Anderson, Doug Barry, Dale Dougherty, Jim Glasheen, and Kerry Rego (me!). Sir…
How to hide your birthday on facebook

How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

Some people love to get birthday messages on Facebook. Heck, the first year I was on I couldn't figure out why no one wished me a happy birthday when my turn came. I realized I had the setting turned off (knowing a lot about reputation management…
dollars crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: How to Harness Social Media Tools for Your Agency Fundraising

A presentation about Crowdfunding presented at The California Wellness Foundation Convention 4/16/13. The nonprofit world is abuzz with the idea of raising money and reaching new donors through new online strategies. “Crowdfunding” is one…
man writing on post its | blog content

Blog Content Exercise | How to Plan a Year Ahead

Did you know that much of the traffic to your website comes through your blog? It's true. Business blogging is a necessity to attract visitors. You are probably thinking, "I don't know what to write about." I wrote a blog about good writing…
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Why I wrote a book

As long as I've been working in social media, I have received requests for DVDs or other recorded materials from my clients and seminar attendees. Social media changes from minute to minute, day by day, so I took my time in selecting a subject…
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Instagram Changes the Rules

Did you hear that Instagram changed it's privacy policy and terms of use? They can now sell your images (they might not), put you in an advertisement on Instagram or Facebook (their mother company) or elsewhere, and they can serve you advertising…
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How to Remove Your Name from Online Listing Services

Recently several people have asked me about Spokeo, an aggregate website that lists personal information already available on the web, yet I hadn’t seen it for myself until the last report I worked up. When I encountered it while doing a reputation…
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I’m Not A Social Media Expert (But I Know A Lot)

I hear all the time, "Kerry is the expert at Social Media!" It's important that you understand how I got to where I am (and that I'm not an expert). I have two Associate degrees, one in business administration and one in software. Social media…
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Using LinkedIn and Facebook to Advance, Slideshow for WICT

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"Using LinkedIn & Facebook to Advance" for Women in Cable Telecommunications WICT from Kerry Rego Women in Cable Telecommunications WICT Southern California hosts the Wednesday Webinar Series and July 11, 2012 was "Using LinkedIn…