Short Video Social Media Tools

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Both Twitter and Instagram have recently introduced short video format. Twitter's Vine videos in 6 seconds and Facebook/Instagram quickly countered with 15 second long videos. I was doubtful on how benefit could be derived from such a small…
dollars crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: How to Harness Social Media for Your Fundraising

A presentation about Crowdfunding presented at The California Wellness Foundation Convention 4/16/13. The nonprofit world is abuzz with the idea of raising money and reaching new donors through new online strategies. “Crowdfunding” is one…
hootsuite logo in gold on black background

Hootsuite: A Tool to Manage Your Social Media Presence

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There are so many parts to social media, it can be overwhelming. First there's strategy, then tools, and editorial calendars. But where I find many campaigns fall apart is in the day after day, week after week, delivery of content. How do you…
gmail inbox logo on red background

Social Contacts Info Right in Gmail

I tested out the Rapportive add-on for my Gmail boxes today. The description on their site is "get rich contact profiles right inside Gmail" and that's accurate. You hook up your Facebook or LinkedIn to see the contact information of the person…
reputation management book by kerry rego

Why I Wrote a Book

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As long as I've been working in social media, I have received requests for DVDs or other recorded materials from my clients and seminar attendees. Social media changes from minute to minute, day by day, so I took my time in selecting a subject…
editorial calendar

Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

In order to deliver good content that communicates your brand's message effectively, planning ahead is necessary. I provide my clients with an example editorial calendar (link below). My strategy clients get a customized spreadsheet for their…
listed on the web

Get Yourself Listed on the Web

Go ahead, do a vanity search (otherwise known as "Google-ing") for your name or business. Do you like what you find? So often, people say they've done this and have been unhappy at the information they find. It's old, it's personal, it's simply…
tools for reputation management

Tools for Reputation Management

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We have always talked about each other, it's human nature. The difference is now that the internet is involved, our words can last forever. Disparaging remarks can damage a hard earned reputation. It is recommended that individuals and businesses…
location based services google my business

Claim Your Google My Business Page

Sometimes I only get 30 seconds with a business owner. What piece of information do I share that will have the most impact on their business? "If you do nothing else, claim your Google My Business page!" Why? On The Go The web (and our customers)…
typewriter on wood table self-publishing

Self-Publishing | Writer’s Forum Presentation

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"How digital platforms are affecting the writer and the publishing process" I discussed the variety of ways that your writing can be released to the reading public, including the explosion of self-publishing options, how the differing cultures…