technical support customers in line

7 Ways To Ace Calling Customer & Technical Support

When my clients have me come in to solve a problem for them, it frequently involves calling technical support or customer service. People HATE calling and ending up in the on-hold limbo. I'm an expert at these kinds of calls. Let me give you…

You Never Know How Far Your Words Will Go

I am overrun with emotion. I have a couple blogs. One blog for business and one that serves as my own personal time capsule of cool places I've been to in my neighborhoods. I don't put a whole lot of effort into because…
internet do more with less

The Internet Allows Me To Do More With Less

I absolutely love the new internet. There I said it. I love the design aesthetic, the rounded buttons and the three dimensional depth. All the sexy colors and no more Flash intros! Augmented reality and QR codes are already in your local stores.…