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Staying Out of Range When Explaining Social Media

I manage the Facebook page for my Rotary Club* and I spend a lot of time explaining social media to the members. We have a meeting coming up where all the different divisions will give an overview to the rest of the members about what we have…
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Social Media for Nonprofits [SLIDESHOW]

Kerry Rego presented social media for nonprofits to the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Santa Rosa, CA on January 25, 2012.  Providing the definition of social media, current statistics, categories of use, basic strategy, statistics…
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Our Workforce is Digitally Illiterate

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My first directive as a social media and technology trainer is education. I help people understand what's going on, who's talking, where they are, how to make it happen, and when they should participate. What has become painfully obvious to…
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Self-Publishing | Writer’s Forum Presentation

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"How digital platforms are affecting the writer and the publishing process" I discussed the variety of ways that your writing can be released to the reading public, including the explosion of self-publishing options, how the differing cultures…
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Social Media for Tomorrow, Sonoma State University Resources

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These are articles of reference in relation to the talk I gave EMBA students at Sonoma State University on 1/28/11. Return on Investment (ROI): Being Social in the Social Media World (All things to consider in your campaign) Sexy…

How Will They Find Me?

One of the most common questions I get is, "When I get on Facebook/Twitter/etc., how will people find me?" My two word answer is, "Tell them". It seems simple but you wouldn't expect your clients to intuit your phone number, would you? You…