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What is the most effective form of social networking?

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I get asked these questions all the time: What is the best social media channel? What channels should I be using? What is the most effective tool? My answer takes people by surprise - go meet people. What? Really. We're social…
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Nice Social Media Surprise

I opened up Facebook recently and noticed that Lynn Abate-Johnson posted a photo of my book amongst good company. Some of the books she'd chosen for a social media class she teaches were: "Enchantment" by Guy Kawasaki, "The Tao of Twitter" by…
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Hootsuite: A Tool to Manage Your Social Media Presence

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There are so many parts to social media, it can be overwhelming. First there's strategy, then tools, and editorial calendars. But where I find many campaigns fall apart is in the day after day, week after week, delivery of content. How do you…
Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Tips

I have a simple technique I use to help build an editorial calendar. I print out my physical calendar, identify the events that I want to promote or talk about, using color coding for social media channels I then systematically distribute…
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The Fastest Way to Get Help from LinkedIn

I have a client that requested that I claim their pre-existing LinkedIn Company Page, update it, and make it spiffy for them. I said the fatal words, "This is a really easy project and shouldn't take me long at all." Well, 4 months later, I…
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Why Deleting Negative Posts is a Bad Idea

It's generally considered bad form to delete a post from your Facebook page* just because you don't like what that person has to say. As business owners, we have to come to terms with the fact that the second we open our "doors", someone somewhere…
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Beware, the Social Media Expert

If someone has the audacity to call themselves "social media expert" or "guru", I recommend that you avoid them. There are some out there flaunting these self-appointed titles. People frequently use those titles to introduce me and it makes…
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Frustrated with the Speed of Life

I am sunsetting an old email system and was going through a folder of writings I wanted to expand upon and I found this: "I realize that I've become frustrated with the speed that life works at in the physical realm. When I have to physically…

Social Media Tools

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This is a list of social media tools available. Obviously, this is only a small offering but these are the most basic and widely used tools that you should be aware of. The ones marked with * are tools I use and/or recommend. Just using the…

Evernote, An Application to Save Your Brain

A colleague recently asked me if there was one app on my phone I would recommend, what would it be? It got me to thinking about the indispensable tools I use that others might want to know about. This is not a sponsored post. My opinions and…