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Instagram Changes the Rules

Did you hear that Instagram changed it's privacy policy and terms of use? They can now sell your images (they might not), put you in an advertisement on Instagram or Facebook (their mother company) or elsewhere, and they can serve you advertising…
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Self-Publishing | Writer’s Forum Presentation

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"How digital platforms are affecting the writer and the publishing process" I discussed the variety of ways that your writing can be released to the reading public, including the explosion of self-publishing options, how the differing cultures…
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I Sit in Silence

I keep forgetting. Then I remember and it jolts me back to reality. My first reaction is to cry but I'm struggling with that. I tell myself that I'm jaded and shouldn't be effected by the loss of a corporate figurehead. After all, I didn't even…
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10 Things to Know About New Facebook Page Layout

Facebook is notorious for changing their product on what seems like a weekly basis.  I'm an optimist and what I tell my clients is that this never ending wheel of upset has made us better at accepting the inevitable, life is about change. It's…
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The New Internet | Do More With Less

I absolutely love the new internet. There I said it. I love the design aesthetic, the rounded buttons and the three dimensional depth. All the sexy colors and no more Flash intros! Augmented reality and QR codes are already in your local stores.…