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Get Yourself Listed on the Web

Go ahead, do a vanity search (otherwise known as "Google-ing") for your name or business. Do you like what you find? So often, people say they've done this and have been unhappy at the information they find. It's old, it's personal, it's simply…
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Social Media Advice in 30 Seconds: Claim Your Google My Business Page!

  Sometimes I only get 30 seconds with a business owner. What piece of information do I share that will have the most impact on their business? "If you do nothing else, claim your Google My Business page!" Why? The web (and our customers)…
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Will They See Value In Your Facebook Page?

I design Facebook pages. It makes sense that I'd tell my clients that they NEED to have a snazzy custom landing page, tricked out with all the latest bells and whistles. The truth of the matter is that users of Facebook are accessing the platform…