man and woman with walking sticks explaining social media

Staying Out of Range When Explaining Social Media

I manage the Facebook page for my Rotary Club* and I spend a lot of time explaining social media to the members. We have a meeting coming up where all the different divisions will give an overview to the rest of the members about what we have…
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You Are Not the Only One Afraid of Technology!

We believe we are the only ones. The only ones that aren't cool. That we alone "don't get it". Trust me. We are not alone. I work with people from 6-92, low income, C level executives, students to business owners and I'll tell you now that…

We Are Failing Our Kids

I dare you to give a 16 year old a car but don't give them any information about the rules of the road or a map. Tell 'em to just wing it. Teach yourself, kid. How well do you think that would work out? Just think about the damage that could…
too old for technology older woman with camera

You’re Not Too Old for Technology!

I think we experience ageism more as we grow older. We experience it from ourselves more than from another person. A large part of my services revolve around training users on technology. I hear this over and over, "I'm too old." "Everyone else…

Fear of Technology

Questions. Everyone has questions but are often reticent to ask. Computers. They are some of the greatest tools that we have at our disposal yet many of us just barely get by using very limited knowledge. I wanted to take this opportunity to…
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Change is the Only Constant

Even though our current business and economic environment is scary and unpredictable, something really exciting is happening. I speak to people every day about their desires for their lives, work, families and material possessions. As a whole,…