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ieSonoma | Innovate and Educate Conference

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I am honored to be asked to speak at the ieSonoma conference at the Sonoma Country Day School on June 10, 2013. The panel of speakers are: Sir Ken Robinson, Darius Anderson, Doug Barry, Dale Dougherty, Jim Glasheen, and Kerry Rego (me!). Sir…
Jake Bayless and Kerry Rego

Santa Rosa Has a Social Media Policy

I have no official capacity with the City of Santa Rosa. I live, work, and was raised here. I am a contract instructor through the Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department providing social media training in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and…
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Instagram Changes the Rules

Did you hear that Instagram changed it's privacy policy and terms of use? They can now sell your images (they might not), put you in an advertisement on Instagram or Facebook (their mother company) or elsewhere, and they can serve you advertising…

The Antidote to Technology

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Quite by accident, I discovered the antidote to technology Don't get me wrong, I love tech. I love the buttons, design, functionality, the possibilities, and the experience of a great user interface design. I don't love what it's doing to us.…
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Facebook Timeline for Pages, What You Need to Know

  We knew that Facebook was going to introduce Timeline for Pages today but they jumped the gun and debuted it late last night. I turned mine on early this morning and have been tinkering with it all day. You have the ability to preview…
man and woman with walking sticks explaining social media

Staying Out of Range When Explaining Social Media

I manage the Facebook page for my Rotary Club* and I spend a lot of time explaining social media to the members. We have a meeting coming up where all the different divisions will give an overview to the rest of the members about what we have…

Facebook Changes, What You Need To Know

Last week Facebook changes were rampant and applied to what seems like everything under the sun. Then they had their annual conference, f8, and released more new features. I wanted to give you an update as to the new features and what they mean…
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Change is the Only Constant

Even though our current business and economic environment is scary and unpredictable, something really exciting is happening. I speak to people every day about their desires for their lives, work, families and material possessions. As a whole,…