I want to inspire you with my Passion for Technology!

That mysterious piece of machinery that takes up space on your desk is more than a place for your sticky notes. The computer is a wonderful tool that is often underutilized. I can help you learn how to create a database of clients, update your mailing list, create a budget, how to use your desktop programs, digital file management, email attachments, edit photos, navigate & use the internet, format documents and more.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or PC, with a degree in software applications, my favorite project is to help my clients learn to use their computers, peripherals (printers, fax machines, phones, iPods, etc.), internet services, SEO, and SaaS/cloud software better. You spent a lot of money on that item. Do you want it to work for you? Let me help!

  • Desktop software
  • Social media
  • Peripheral setup
  • Efficiency in use
  • Online reputation management