alt summit
March 1, 2020 – March 6, 2020 all-day
The Saguaro of Palm Springs
1800 E. Palm Canyon Drive
Alt Summit - How to Balance Tech for Work & Life @ The Saguaro of Palm Springs

Round tables, a smaller group learning opportunity:

The Alt Summit has 75+ round table topics, it’s an opportunity to cover niche topics and under-the-radar issues. During round table sessions, you’ll have a chance to spend 30 minutes at three different tables (your choice), and interact directly with the round table leader. And good news: round table topics repeat on another day, so there’s no FOMO.

Kerry Rego is a social media consultant and educator that specializes in helping people maintain a healthy approach to life + tech. Join her for info and solutions including: managing mobile’s impact; maintaining physical health with tech; how to create a healthy home + tech environment; and improving your sleep.

“I’ve been working in this field for the last 13 years but for the last 5 I’ve dedicated to watching my clients and how they suffer, my students and how they are struggling, and how our culture at large needs solutions around how we are going to survive this age of technology and come out in a healthy way.

I am passionate about this topic and I’ve accumulated a tremendous amount of data, research, and solutions that I’m teaching every single day. I teach my students, I teach my clients, I teach as many people as I can reach. We don’t have an option. Technology will consume us if we don’t put in place positive habits that will enable us to live at peace with technology.”

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