globe social networks

I have a weird story about how small the world is and how social networks overlap in many ways.

shoot an industrial film for Apple Computer to promote their very first ‘i’ product called iMovie. I was one of the 7 actors/models that played in the snow and got paid obscenely well for it (best gig ever). I did a lot of industrials at that time. They pay well but aren’t as glamorous as commercials because they aren’t shown on tv. They’re usually in-store displays and on-floor computers.

Apple iMovie Original POS

Click on the image above to watch the film.

Flash forward to 2010 when I first hear about the two person band Pomplamoose. In my work as a social media consultant, I regularly collect stories about artists and business people that change the status quo and use the internet to help them achieve their dreams. I remember noting that they were local to me. They are pretty cool.

Pomplamoose social networks

Nataly Dawn, Jack Conte – Pomplamoose

Flash forward again to 2016 or so when a client tells me about the service, Patreon, an online platform for artists to setup membership structures to receive financial support for their work. When I do some research on it, I find out that Jack Conte, one half of Pomplamoose, is the founder. He made some money and turned around to help other artists to get paid. It’s damn cool. Check it out.

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