The Social Media Illusion

“You look SO busy!”

This is what I hear every time I see someone in person that I haven’t seen for awhile. They’ve been following my business Facebook page or they get my email newsletter and somehow come to the conclusion that I’m swamped. I actually don’t use the word busy and I encourage others to ditch it too. Everyone is busy-that’s just life. But I find the word itself makes one feel more chaotic and out of control.

My answer to those exclamations is, “It’s all an illusion.”

Social Media Is An Illusion

I teach digital marketing, manage my own accounts, and follow others for inspiration and examples. I’m completely surrounded by the internet all day long. I pay close attention to the tactics people and businesses use in presenting themselves. Continue reading

Customize Your YouTube Channel

Do you have a Youtube channel? The design and appearance of the channels changed months ago but there are still many companies that haven’t done anything with it. Your page looks bland, boring, and as if no one has visited to update in months (in fact that’s exactly what’s happened). In fact, you may be damaging your online reputation if you abandon your channels. The cobweb look isn’t becoming of you and your brand.

Spruce it up by including channel art and a welcome video. You can be promotional, cheeky, arresting, and visually stunning. Go to town!

Eminem is using his to promote his new album. #smart

This is a tough one to design yourself. Invest in a graphic designer to get the awkward dimensions right. Or try this guide from Google.

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