Customize Your YouTube Channel

Do you have a Youtube channel? The design and appearance of the channels changed months ago but there are still many companies that haven’t done anything with it. Your page looks bland, boring, and as if no one has visited to update in months (in fact that’s exactly what’s happened). In fact, you may be damaging your online reputation if you abandon your channels. The cobweb look isn’t becoming of you and your brand.

Spruce it up by including channel art and a welcome video. You can be promotional, cheeky, arresting, and visually stunning. Go to town!

Eminem is using his to promote his new album. #smart

This is a tough one to design yourself. Invest in a graphic designer to get the awkward dimensions right. Or try this guide from Google.

Netflixing is My New Jam

Netflixing is my new jam. I love a random documentary and catching up on shows I never watched when they were on cable. I’ve been a member since around 2003, I think. I also have a Hulu premium subscription.

I  just read a great comparison of of Amazon Prime and Netflix and it makes me want to get one of those too. Check it out.

When my husband hands me the cable remote because it’s my turn to pick, I look at it in confusion. I interact with up to a dozen computer and devices a day. The fact that I’m slow to remember how to use a Comcast remote is a sign of the times. #endofcable

What’s your favorite gem you found on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime etc.?

Speaking in Hashtags

Does anyone really talk like this? I’ve never heard anyone insert verbal hashtags into conversation. Either way, it was so funny I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Short Video Social Media Tools

Both Twitter and Instagram have recently introduced short video format. Twitter’s Vine videos in 6 seconds and Facebook/Instagram quickly countered with 15 second long videos.
I was doubtful on how benefit could be derived from such a small product. So when read this article by Hootsuite on who was doing a great job with it,  I found a neat example of how you can teach science in a short time. Check out General Electric on Vine. (Download the app to your mobile device and use the Explore feature to find the brand.)
Do you have a favorite brand or example of use with either of these two?

Talk To Your Customers Through Video

Video has the power to influence the way your audience and customers feel about you. A recent example of how you can do this is the new video that Facebook released that explains their NewsFeed redesign. Facebook has never been good at offering explanations about what they are doing and that they are, in fact, listening to their customers.

They have a horrible reputation for not caring and doing whatever they feel like. This may not be true. They might care very much but they have not been good at demonstrating it either way.

I work with a county services agency that has an image problem. Whether or not the press about them is true, I told the executive director that she really needs to get in front of the camera and address the myths and misconceptions that are floating around. By dealing with it personally and head-on, you can reduce the amount of misinformation and rumor spreading about your organization.

Show your customers your face and tell them what you want them to know. It will drastically change what they think when they hear the words coming out of your mouth.

Technology Overview Playlist Web4Biz Video Series

Technology Overview Playlist Web4Biz

Click on the image above to view the playlist.


Web4Biz Video Series

Technology Overview Playlist (4 videos):

Trends, Using an Interactive Internet or Mobile Application, Definitions and Examples, and On Gaining Mastery.

This course will take you on a high level tour of the Internet and Mobile application landscape. What is out there? Who is using what? What are the current trends?

Mastery of technology will be discussed so you will understand just how deeply you need to dive into the items you decide to implement for your business.

See series in it’s entirety on Web4BizOrg Youtube Channel.


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You Don’t Like the Way You Look on Camera, Shoot the Video Anyway

Click on pic for my latest video blog

I just watched this great video by Tentblogger about closing the gap and bringing authenticity to blogging via video. It inspired me to write this to tell you my experiences with videoblogging. Why not make a video, you say? I’m an early riser. Writing at 5am makes more sense than shooting video. I also don’t look my best at this hour.

I’ve shot about 15 videos and have some excerpts of presentations I’ve given all uploaded to my YouTube channel. My variations of equipment and accompanying experiences are as follows:

I have a video feature on my digital Casio Exilim camera which uses a .avi extension. I don’t have the editing ability to work with this extension so I’m limited to one take. I’m a retired actress and model so my ability to get a soundbyte right quickly is beneficial in this process. I generally get it done in three takes. The first is to gets “the blabs” out. You know where you ramble and don’t make your point. The second is for when I simply stumble over my words, say “Ack”, and stick my tongue out at the camera. The third is the money shot. No editing necessary. Done.

I have video on my iPhone. I still have the 3G so I don’t have the forward facing camera. This is a tough one to hold and get the angle right. Also, I have a powerful voice so blasting out the sound on the mic is normal. I have to whisper to use this one. Obviously it’s not my favorite choice.

I bought a Flip HD video camera which I thought was going to be the answer to everything. Except for two things. I now have to edit the footage. Ugh! I don’t think I can express how little I like to edit video. And second, I have these huge digital files I don’t really need or want but can’t bear to throw away. Needless to say, I almost never use the Flip anymore. UPDATE: This camera has since been put out to pasture. Not surprised.

I do have a camera on my laptop that I should test out. Again, I do much of my creative work at an ungodly hour and when I accidently start this feature on my laptop (pretty common occurrence) the unexpected view of myself so early scares even me. Maybe I should make an appointment with my better groomed self to test out this feature.

My last issue is that I’m growing my hair out. The short pixie cut is venturing into the “shaggy muppet” phase. I need to get over my reticence to document the outgrowth. If I can get over it, please be kind to this muppet when watching my latest video blog.

I take the Tentblogger challenge and will increase my video output. You want to know why? I made a video about a year ago that I really like and I think describes what I’m about pretty well. I’ve gotten a tremendous response from this video and will continue to feature it on my site. I’ve had clients hire me after watching it because they feel like they know me and can relate to who I am. I have clients all over the world that I’ve never met but it doesn’t matter because they feel comfortable with me though we’ve never been in the same room.

A picture is worth a thousand words. For your business and reputation, a video can be priceless.

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