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Get The Shot! A Video Checklist

Videos are one of the most important forms of content you can create in order to connect to your audience. The viewers love them, in fact they can't get enough of them, and the feed algorithms favor videos for that reason. If your engagement…
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5 Steps for Better Video

Every year I attend Social Media Examiner's conference Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, CA. It's 120+ sessions of content on all the areas a social media marketer might want to learn about. To say it's intense is an understatement.…
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Social Networks Small World

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I have a weird story about how small the world is and how social networks overlap in many ways. shoot an industrial film for Apple Computer to promote their very first 'i' product called iMovie. I was one of the 7 actors/models that played…

Customize Your YouTube Channel

Do you have a Youtube channel? The design and appearance of the channels changed months ago but there are still many companies that haven't done anything with it. Your page looks bland, boring, and as if no one has visited to update in months…

Netflixing is My New Jam

Netflixing is my new jam. I love a random documentary and catching up on shows I never watched when they were on cable. I've been a member since around 2003, I think. I also have a Hulu premium subscription. I  just read a great comparison…
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Speaking in Hashtags

Does anyone really talk like this? I've never heard anyone insert verbal hashtags into conversation. Either way, it was so funny I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Short Video Social Media Tools

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Both Twitter and Instagram have recently introduced short video format. Twitter's Vine videos in 6 seconds and Facebook/Instagram quickly countered with 15 second long videos. I was doubtful on how benefit could be derived from such a small…
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Talk To Your Customers Through Video

Video has the power to influence the way your audience and customers feel about you. A recent example of how you can do this is the new video that Facebook released that explains their NewsFeed redesign. Facebook has never been good at offering…
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Technology Overview Playlist Web4Biz Video Series

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  Web4Biz Video Series Technology Overview Playlist (4 videos): Trends, Using an Interactive Internet or Mobile Application, Definitions and Examples, and On Gaining Mastery. This course will take you on a high level tour of the…
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Don’t Like The Way You Look? Shoot the Video Anyway

I just watched this great video by Tentblogger about closing the gap and bringing authenticity to blogging via video. It inspired me to write this to tell you my experiences with videoblogging. My Excuses I'm an early riser. Writing at 5am…