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Services & Tools I Recommend

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What strange times we live in. Due to coronavirus or COVID-19, everyone in the world is adapting to new scenarios. Many of the digital or work from home tools you're now trying for the first time are in my every day kit so I knew I could provide…
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Shifting Your Curriculum to Teach Online

Congratulations! You are now on the road to adapting your classes in order to teach online. Whether or not you're ready, you'll be stuck with it for the near (and possibly distant) future. I don't have to tell you that adjusting your curriculum…
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Friends Forever, The Technology Edition

Growing up, technology was always around me. It has been essential to me at many different points in my life. My first memories of using technology involve sitting at the computer playing my favorite Blue’s Clues game. I loved playing computer…
Technology for the disabled

Technology for the Disabled

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I love all things tech but there's one topic that captures my fancy like none other: Technology for the Disabled. Tech companies are just now starting to pay attention to those with disabilities and innovation is bubbling up around their specific…
Grama my Computer Mentor is 94

My Computer Mentor Turned 94 Today

My computer mentor turned 94 today. She thinks she's a "total geek when it comes to this computer stuff" and she's right. She's the most important geek in my life - my grama. Grama Marian was the first person I knew with a computer, a Commodore…
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Windsor High Social Media Workshop for Teens

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I'm pleased to be offering a Social Media Workshop for Teens at Windsor High School for Fall 2014. This ten week after school workshop is designed to: have students set goals; create a strategy and system for social media use; have a viable…

Social Media Speaker – My Coolest Job Ever

When I was a kid, I thought being a motivational speaker, the kind that got us out of class for an hour, was the coolest job. It had entertainment, performances, excitement, motivation, information, fun, and everyone's happy not to be studying. Now…

Importance of Influence

I am a tech geek. Not a hardcore programming, rocket scientist, mathematical genius. I'm a girl that likes gadgets, science fiction movies, imagination, and possibilities. My dad was a radio operator when he served in Vietnam, he built model…

My Simple and Free Curation Tool

There are a lot of curation tools for all the social media and news sites that you use. There's simply too much to read so some kind of organization system is necessary. I needed one and you probably do too. My very simple "Read it Later" is…
social media workshop for teens

Why You Don’t Need ALL the Social Media Tools

There are a mind boggling amount of social media tools available and I don't expect you to use all of them. No one does. Which ones are right for your business or objectives? The ones that are important to your target audience, the ones THEY…