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Quickly Increase Social Media Engagement Rate

There’s a surprising way to increase social media engagement rate on any platform. You’re going to think I’m off my rocker but it works. Drum roll please --- delete followers! See, I told you that you'd think there was something wrong…
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The ROI on Volunteering Your Time

Donating time to worthy causes is a winning tactic for business development. I spend about 10-15% of my time giving to others. In fact, I consider it to be a part of my business model. It might sound counter intuitive, volunteering your time…
How to Schedule Facebook Posts

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

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Just like you, I love to know the tricks of the trade. I want to know how often the mechanic changes her oil; how to get the best service in a restaurant; and what toothbrush is really the best. We can't resist digging for "pro tips" when we…
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Crowdfunding: How to Harness Social Media Tools for Your Agency Fundraising

A presentation about Crowdfunding presented at The California Wellness Foundation Convention 4/16/13. The nonprofit world is abuzz with the idea of raising money and reaching new donors through new online strategies. “Crowdfunding” is one…
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Blog Content Exercise | How to Plan a Year Ahead

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Did you know that much of the traffic to your website comes through your blog? It's true. Business blogging is a necessity to attract visitors. You are probably thinking, "I don't know what to write about." I wrote a blog about good writing…