Kerry Rego and Mari Smith SMMW16 Branding Rockstar

How to Be a Branding Rockstar

Want to know how to be successful? Look to those that have come before you. Study their assets, their journey, and their tactics. Watch them as they work and you will learn more than you ever expected. These observations plus your strategic…
social media theme content writing

Social Media Theme Schedule Download

A few years ago I created a tool for my own use that I’d like to share with you. I found that when I sat down to write content for my various social media channels that I’d forget to talk about certain topics. I gravitated towards the obvious,…
people with cutout comment bubbles | follow up

How To Follow Up On Social Media Engagement

Hey Kerry, We've gotten some momentum on our Facebook page recently and are wondering about how you usually "follow up" with those who interact with your posts. Do you just let them come to you or do you reach out to them? Thanks! Dear…
desert wasteland channel abadonment

Social Media Channel Abandonment Wasteland

I'm here to warn you about a very real and damaging action you aren't taking and it's inflicting a tremendous amount of damage to your brand. It's channel abandonment. That Tumblr account you opened one weekend and put a ton of effort into…
Kerry Rego Consulting Social Media Home

Keep Your Social Media Home Grounded

Your social media campaign is like a house. The foundation and the base of it all, is your website or other place where you convert visitors. Each channel has its own theme, feel, culture, and rules. Every time you want to share a piece of content,…

Company Vision and Mission Are Imperative to Successful Strategy

Do you know your company's vision? Can you recite the mission statement? Rarely is this true when I talk to my clients' teams past the owner or CEO...with one notable exception. I was in the conference room of a client, Mengali Accountancy in…
Stars and mountain range | rockstar

Follow the Rockstar

I recently read a quote (paraphrased) that smart leaders pay attention to the successes of the leaders before them. Even smarter leaders pay attention to their successes AS WELL as their failures. You didn't invent the wheel Many have come…