5 ways to post to facebook

Social Media: What Students Need to Know

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Additional resources available by searching my blog for "Reputation Management" or by clicking here: http://bit.ly/krcrepmng Social Media: What Students Need to Know View more presentations from Kerry Rego
Aging Boomers Radio

The Aging Boomers Get Their Facebook On

I was asked to speak on "The Aging Boomers" on KSVY by Frank Samson of Senior Care Authority last week about social media and the generations. Bob Nations of Senior Helpers, Frank, and I had a great time discussing the basics of blogging, Twitter,…
sonoma state university

Social Media for Tomorrow, Sonoma State University Resources

These are articles of reference in relation to the talk I gave EMBA students at Sonoma State University on 1/28/11. Return on Investment (ROI): Being Social in the Social Media World (All things to consider in your campaign) Sexy…

You Never Know How Far Your Words Will Go

I am overrun with emotion. I have a couple blogs. One blog for business and one that serves as my own personal time capsule of cool places I've been to in my neighborhoods. I don't put a whole lot of effort into IAmSonomaCounty.com because…
5 ways to post to facebook

5 Ways to Update Your Social Media Profiles

Didn't I say 5 was my magic number? I like to think that there are 5 main ways to update your social media. I like 5 because I can count it on one hand, its not too much of a commitment. It's bite sized. *UPDATE 6/25/11 There is a new way to…