Hootsuite: A Tool to Manage Your Social Media Presence

There are so many parts to social media, it can be overwhelming. First there's strategy, then tools, and editorial calendars. But where I find many campaigns fall apart is in the day after day, week after week, delivery of content. How do you…

Healdsburg Chamber Social Media Class

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Kerry Rego presented Social Media 101 at the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce. Click on the link below for a downloadable version of her presentation. SM 101

Need an Internet Mentor? Look Inside | Get Social With Kerry Rego

(Excerpt from Get Social with Kerry Rego, a regular monthly column in the North Bay Business Journal) The value of a company is in its innovation, product, and market position. I believe the most often overlooked asset is the staff. They create…

Why I wrote a book

As long as I've been working in social media, I have received requests for DVDs or other recorded materials from my clients and seminar attendees. Social media changes from minute to minute, day by day, so I took my time in selecting a subject…

Whether You Are 8 or 80 | Get Social With Kerry Rego

(Excerpt from Get Social with Kerry Rego, a regular monthly column in the North Bay Business Journal) Today’s business climate looks drastically different than it did five years ago. Whole industries have disappeared and some skill sets…

Gamification: The Greatest Call to Action

I voted today. As I was leaving, I made sure to check in on my mobile phone using the location based service, foursquare. Why would I want to telegraph my location? Because I'm playing the game of life, that's why. And I knew I would get a badge.…

Staying Connected: Using Social Media to Communicate (Sebastopol Senior Center)

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Staying Connected: Using Social Media to Communication, Sebastopol Senior Center May 2012 View more PowerPoint from Kerry Rego  

How to Assign LinkedIn Group Managers

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Do you manage or own a LinkedIn Group? I noticed an issue with a client recently that was unable to manage her group any longer. I provided the other group manager this set of instructions on how to reassign a member as a manager or moderator. Navigate…

Social Good: Social Media for the Non-Profit World [SLIDESHOW]

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Kerry Rego presented to the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Santa Rosa, CA on January 25, 2012.  Providing the definition of social media, current statistics, categories of use, basic strategy, statistics specific for non profits…

Social Media: What Students Need to Know

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Additional resources available by searching my blog for "Reputation Management" or by clicking here: http://bit.ly/krcrepmng Social Media: What Students Need to Know View more presentations from Kerry Rego