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Why You Don't Need ALL the Social Media Tools

There are a mind boggling amount of social media tools available and I don't expect you to use all of them. No one does. Which ones are right for your business or objectives? The ones that are important to your target audience, the ones THEY…
New York Post Selfie gate

The Selfie Test

Take "The Selfie Test" with me next time you are tempted to whip it out and capture the moment: is it necessary? is it helpful? would your mother be proud? are you infringing on someone else's privacy?   This woman decided…

Professional Social Media Certification

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I'm pleased to be an instructor for Sonoma State University School of Extended and International Education's Professional Social Media Certification Course. I know it's a mouthful but this material is in demand and VERY hard to come by. My fellow…

Angela Ahrendts' Digital Vision is Boon for Apple

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"We're challenging ourselves constantly to stay ahead of the curve - be it mobile, be it social, be it physical. They're all one. Life is forever blurred.  I grew up in a physical worldand I speak English. The next generation is growing…

The Crisis Will Come; Are You Ready?

Every organization in the world, whether it is using social media or not, should have an up-to-date crisis plan for when the inevitable occurs. In my blog “Dealing with negative online comments”, I stated “any company that has been in…

Cory Booker | Politics and Social Media

I've been watching Newark's mayor Cory Booker via social media for several years. He first came to my attention on Twitter during the blizzard of 2010, also known as "Snowpocalypse". He was actively tweeting around the clock, helping direct…

Speaking in Hashtags

Does anyone really talk like this? I've never heard anyone insert verbal hashtags into conversation. Either way, it was so funny I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Yelp Offers Delivery

Yelp recently introduced Yelp Platform that allows you to order food directly from a select number of restaurants that are supported by and Eat24. In my searches, I was not able to find more than the select few that Yelp features…

Social Media Investments Must Be Measured | Get Social With Kerry Rego

(Excerpt from Get Social with Kerry Rego, a regular monthly column in the North Bay Business Journal) One of the biggest digital myths being told today is “Social media isn’t measurable.” Studies across the board show that even though…

First Rule of Social Media, Know Thy Audience | Get Social with Kerry Rego

(Excerpt from Get Social with Kerry Rego, a regular monthly column in the North Bay Business Journal) In my column last month (Social media strategy increases odds for success, April 1, 2013), I wrote about how imperative it is to have a plan…