Social Media Tools

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This is a list of social media tools available. Obviously, this is only a small offering but these are the most basic and widely used tools that you should be aware of. The ones marked with * are tools I use and/or recommend. Just using the…
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Social Media for Tomorrow, Sonoma State University Resources

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These are articles of reference in relation to the talk I gave EMBA students at Sonoma State University on 1/28/11. Return on Investment (ROI): Being Social in the Social Media World (All things to consider in your campaign) Sexy…

Evernote, An Application to Save Your Brain

A colleague recently asked me if there was one app on my phone I would recommend, what would it be? It got me to thinking about the indispensable tools I use that others might want to know about. This is not a sponsored post. My opinions and…
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Must Know Facebook Tips

Everyone that is using Facebook should have a copy of Mashable's Facebook Guidebook. This is an incredible resource of must know Facebook tips. Please go to it and bookmark it today! What's the difference between a Profile and a Fan page? The…

SBA Small Business Development Center

If you aren't familiar with the Sonoma Small Business Development Center, please check out their website. Your tax dollars go towards the Small Business Administration (SBA) annual budget and that money is divided up by state and territory.…

Inventive Sonoma County

I notice a new inventive “thing” everyday. You know when you’ve just seen a documentary about, I don’t know, peanuts for example. Then for the next couple days you see peanuts and their brethren everywhere. Mr. Peanut, peanut butter,…