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You Need a Digital Asset List

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What would happen if you were locked out of your website? Your Facebook page? Your e-commerce or donation platform? Could your business or non-profit function? The solution is to have a Digital Asset List or an inventory of all your organization’s…
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Services & Tools I Recommend

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Want to know what I use? Scroll down to get a look at all the services and tools I recommend. Additionally: a blog I wrote about how teachers can adapt to teaching online based on what I learned as a K-12 teacher and college professor; …
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Digital Resources for Everyone

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We made it through the holidays! Since it's the busiest time of year for tech purchases, I wanted to share some of my favorite digital resources to help you get through the gifts, setups, frustration, and privacy settings. When I speak at…
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Business Resources Post Disaster

Thank you for attending the Social Media Q&A Session with Shana Bull, Kerry Rego, and moderator Paul Gullixson! Our intent was to bring you useful business resources post disaster and provide a place for us all to learn from each other on…
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Podcast Episode 9 | Technology Use During Disaster

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Kerry talks about her observations of use of technology use during disaster, specifically the Tubbs fire. Listen Now Check out more Geek to the Core Podcasts
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Reliable Communication Resources During the Fires

I took a few minutes to share my thoughts about how to find reliable communication resources during the fires. I mention the following resources: KRSO website, streaming apps, KSRO Facebook Sonoma County Sheriff County of Sonoma …
Technology for the disabled

Technology for the Disabled

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I love all things tech but there's one topic that captures my fancy like none other: Technology for the Disabled. Tech companies are just now starting to pay attention to those with disabilities and innovation is bubbling up around their specific…
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Social Media Brings History to Life!

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Social Media Brings History to Life! I presented to the Sonoma County Historical Society at the Sonoma County Library on 6/18/16 and these are the resources I located and wanted to share with the attendees. Bring me in to present to…
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The Social Media Fixer

I spend a lot of my time in social media teaching and consulting. I'm really good at marketing myself and my skills (I should be since I teach others to do it) but there's one service I've never really advertised. My office mate called me,…
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Secret to My Success

My business Kerry Rego Consulting celebrated eight years this September. I've been asked many times what I did to reach the level of success and respect I've achieved but I didn't have an answer beyond "hard work" until just recently. Now…