Tools for Monitoring Your Reputation

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We have always talked about each other, it's human nature. The difference is now that the internet is involved, our words can last forever. Disparaging remarks can damage a hard earned reputation. It is recommended that individuals and businesses…
how to get started in reputation management

How To Get Started In Reputation Management

What is the importance of your online reputation? In a 2010 study by Microsoft and Cross Tab Market Research, 70% of U.S. recruiters have rejected candidates based on their online reputation though only 7% of Americans believe their online reputation…
How to Deal With Negative Customer Feedback

How to Deal with Negative Customer Feedback

When asked about negative online comments I say, "Any company that has been in business longer than 5 minutes has an unhappy customer. You simply can't please everyone all the time." How you deal with it is more telling than the fact that the…

LinkedIn Tools & Functions

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LinkedIn Functions, Overall Site Reputation Management Connections Groups Job Posting & Search InMail Communications Company Profiles Events LinkedIn Today (customized news) Signal (network updates) Questions…

Social Media: What Students Need to Know

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Additional resources available by searching my blog for "Reputation Management" or by clicking here: Social Media: What Students Need to Know View more presentations from Kerry Rego

LinkedIn Finally Values Volunteers

I've been waiting for some time for LinkedIn to figure out that it needed to include Volunteerism and Boards & Committees as a stand alone category (see the screen shots at the end). Well, that day has finally arrived. (Thanks to Christopher…

Social Media Tools

This is a list of social media tools available. Obviously, this is only a small offering but these are the most basic and widely used tools that you should be aware of. The ones marked with * are tools I use and/or recommend. Social Networking …

Don't Drink and Post!

Maturity is something I don't see  a lot of on social networks. Let's say we aren't drowning in it. So when it does appear, it's like a breath of fresh air. A man I know is going through a tough time in his relationship. He confided in me…
JRR Tolkein

Who Did You Say Is On LinkedIn?

  I can connect with WHOM on LinkedIn? I was on LinkedIn and spotted this "People You May Know" box. My first thought is how did they not spot an obviously fake profile of J.R.R. Tolkein? It made me doubt the filtering capacity of this…

Not So Simple Tools - Youth Summit Resources

Social Media Resources for Youth Summit at Santa Rosa Junior College The 7 C's of Social Media by Dose of Digital (resource site no longer exists) Communication (public relations) Cause support (philanthropy) Contests (game metric) …