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5 Actions to Take to Protect Your Facebook Account

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There’s something terrible going on over in Facebook-land. I’ve been supporting my clients since 2006 when it comes to using social media strategically or when things go wrong and I've never seen it this bad. I’ve heard from dozens of…
two women talking at a table social media to find job applicants

Using Social Media to Find Job Applicants

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You have a great job opening so you post the listing on social media to find job applicants but nothing happens. You’re surprised, frustrated, and maybe your pride is hurt leaving you asking, "Why don’t people want to work for us?" Welcome…
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How to Remove Your Personal Info From the Web

Have you ever Google’d your own name? You probably found old social media accounts as well as information about your physical whereabouts. When you own or manage a business, this is a good thing - except when the information is wrong. The…
geek to the core podcast the dangers of posting your location online

Podcast Episode 4 | The Dangers of Posting Your Location Online

Kerry talks about the dangers of posting your location online and gives tips on how to take control of location listings. Read more about location and reputation management on my blog or in my book. Listen Now Check out more Geek to…
public comment policy

Why You Need a Public Comment Policy

I work with governments and organizations that must be transparent. These are just the types of entities that must have a public comment policy. Your organization might need one as well. Take a look at some of the most common questions I hear…
desert wasteland channel abadonment

Social Media Channel Abandonment Wasteland

I'm here to warn you about a very real and damaging action you aren't taking and it's inflicting a tremendous amount of damage to your brand. It's channel abandonment. That Tumblr account you opened one weekend and put a ton of effort into…

How to Respond to Yelp Reviews

I recognize the needs of my clients when I'm consistently asked the same question. Recently I was asked how to respond to Yelp reviews by several different clients within just a few days. It hadn't occurred to me that this information wasn't…
reputation management north bay leadership council

North Bay Leadership Council | Reputation Management Presentation

I was invited to the North Bay Leadership Council Frontliners meeting on December 15, 2014 to talk about reputation management in social media. For further reading, check out the blogs I've written on the subject in the category sidebar or by…
surveillance cameras on a wall watching you

Every Step You Take (Online), Someone’s Watching You

There are so many times I want to vague book, be snarky online, or like a questionable post and something holds me back. I often feel like I know too much about the online world and it causes me to be too censored and that my online presence…
screenshot of building on Google Street View most powerful social media action

The Most Powerful Social Media Action To Take

One of the smallest actions you can take that will have the biggest impact on the success of your business is to claim your Google My Business listing. What is that? It's the address and information that Google serves to people when they…