Why You Need a Public Comment Policy

I work with governments and organizations that must be transparent. These are just the types of entities that must have public comment policies. You may need one as well. Take a look at some of the most common questions I hear on this topic.

What’s the purpose of public comments?

The ability for the public to comment on government activities is central to a constitutional democratic republic. We see this in open public meetings that allow time for oral public comments usually about issues being discussed that day. This tradition goes back to early American town halls and is associated with the rejection of closed government decision making.

Now you may not be a government entity but if you receive funding from sources that maintain transparency, you may want to follow these guidelines for transparency. Continue reading

Social Media Channel Abandonment Wasteland

I’m here to warn you about a very real and damaging action you aren’t taking and it’s inflicting a tremendous amount of damage to your brand. It’s channel abandonment. That Tumblr account you opened one weekend and put a ton of effort into and have barely posted on since. That Pinterest account you never even finished opening (no profile picture or description). The Twitter profile on which your last tweet said “I haven’t tweeted much lately but I’m back to it!” dated 3 years ago. Those channels are speaking volumes about who you are as a person or business. This is channel abandonment and feels like a desert wasteland. Your potential customers see this and leave, your current customers think you aren’t on the ball, and the vendors that want to work with you doubt your commitment.

How it happened

I get lots of questions at cocktail parties and events. “Kerry, should I be on Twitter?” Continue reading

How to Respond to Yelp Reviews

I recognize the needs of my clients when I’m consistently asked the same question. Recently I was asked how to respond to Yelp reviews by several different clients within just a few days. It hadn’t occurred to me that this information wasn’t easy to find so I decided to write a blog to make sure I have a resource to share with those that ask.

You must have a Business Yelp account

Most people don’t realize this is the case. There are two different ways to use Yelp, as a reviewer or as a business owner. The first step is to claim your business. Once you do that, you can respond privately or publicly to any review you receive. Continue reading

North Bay Leadership Council

Social Media Reputation Management by Kerry RegoI was invited to the North Bay Leadership Council Frontliners meeting on December 15, 2014 to talk about reputation management in social media. For further reading, check out the blogs I’ve written on the subject in the category sidebar or by clicking here. I’ve also written a book on the topic, What You Don’t Know About Social Media CAN Hurt You: Take Control of Your Online Reputation, available in paperback or Kindle.

This is the link to the presentation I gave for the convenience of the attendees: Reputation Management 2014-12

Every Step You Take (Online), Someone’s Watching You

There are so many times I want to vague book, be snarky online, or like a post and something holds me back. I often feel like I know too much about the online world and it causes me to be too censored and that my online presence isn’t an accurate view of who I am as a person. It begs the comment, “No one is actually the person they present online.” Our profiles are finely curated versions of ourselves. Continue reading

Always 900 People In Line | Social Customer Service

I deal with a lot of banks in my life, just like you do, I’m sure. Let me list the ways: checking accounts, business banking, mortgages, car payments, HSA, college funds, credit cards, and only a few of mine are housed under the same roof. I regularly drop off a payment or walk into a branch when I need to get a payment in on time. Here’s an example of great social customer service.

A few months ago, I walked into my local branch of Redwood Credit Union that I experienced to have very long lines. To be honest, I’m never in the best mood when I go into this credit union because they held the note for my car (not their fault and I’ve since paid it off). But on this day, the line was at ridiculous proportions and I was upset. I almost never check-in on Facebook but I had so much extra time on my hands, I couldn’t resist.

Redwood Credit Union Social Media Customer Service Continue reading

Get Those Social Media Keys Back!

When anyone with access to your digital assets or social media accounts leaves your organization, make sure you change your passwords and remove all of their points of access. Just like you’d get back their keycards and keys to the building, make sure you are protected.

If you are firing or laying them off, remove their access BEFORE you have that conversation with them. A lot of damage can be done before you know it.

What Do I Do With My Passwords?

In response to the major internet threat that is Heartbleed, there are quite a few passwords that you need to change RIGHT NOW. Take a look at the grid that Mashable has prepared so you know what services you use that you need to protect.

I get asked a lot about password protection. This is what I do:

I save mine in an Excel spreadsheet (I make a practice of never using the word “password” in documents) listing all the services in my personal and business life. When I change something, I update the list at the same time. This document is password protected. My estate manager knows where this document is on my computer (it’s not on the cloud) and how to access it for when I pass away.

Take a look at this blog I wrote about other ways you can protect your business and assets. #legacymanagement

The Odd Importance of My Entertainment Career

My first dream was to be a writer. My second, to be an actress.

My first play was in kindergarten. I was T the Turtle. Turtle gets captured by S the Spider, that evil arachnid, and is essentially, the star of the play and alphabet. It was my first starring role.

My older sister and I took gymnastics then switched to competitive roller skating. We did figures, dance, and freestyle just like in the Olympics. I stank.

Some of the skills I collected along the way: saxophone, cello, chorus, three years of jazz dance in high school, more plays than I can count, as well as dance performances in halftime shows and school assemblies.

I thought of going to a performing arts school for college but I’d heard plenty of stories about hopefuls flooding L.A. and New York City looking for their big break while waiting tables. I wasn’t interested in being a struggling artist. I decided to get a reliable, skills-based degree so that I had a fall back plan. Two degrees, one in business and one in computer applications, suited me nicely. Once I had those in hand, I headed back to the dream. Continue reading

Social Media Personalizes Your Brand

Take a second and think of the brands or companies you interact with that have the worst reputations. Here are the ones that come to mind for me:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Comcast
  • United States Postal Service (USPS)

I was traveling through the San Diego Airport recently and as I passed through the security checkpoint, I saw this sign that caught my attention.

How hated is security at airports? So much complaining and disdain for the process. Most people acknowledge that security at airports is actually quite important but who enjoys the exercise? Probably no one. We grumble, complain, and dread the experience.

With one picture, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) made my experience brighter. No longer was I suffering through the experience with a faceless organization. They had personalized it with the faces of their employees.

This wasn’t done with social media but it’s a great example of how humanizing your brand changes the way your customer feels. These are people with families and lives. It’s hard for a person to continue being grumpy  when given that window into the lives of others.

(Sorry the image is blurry. I took it quickly, afraid that they wouldn’t like me taking pictures at a security checkpoint.)

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