Social Media Reputation Management by Kerry RegoI was invited to the North Bay Leadership Council Frontliners meeting on December 15, 2014 to talk about reputation management in social media. For further reading, check out the blogs I’ve written on the subject in the category sidebar or by clicking here. I’ve also written a book on the topic, What You Don’t Know About Social Media CAN Hurt You: Take Control of Your Online Reputation, available in paperback or Kindle.

This is the link to the presentation I gave for the convenience of the attendees: Reputation Management 2014-12

Kerry Rego Speaker at TLT

Today I hit an all time high record – 67 speaking engagements in one year!!!

Many of them are paid such as corporate classes on Facebook & LinkedIn or keynote engagements at corporate events. Some of them are gratis. These I reserve mostly for students. If your school would like me to come in and speak on online safety or inspirational uses of social media and tech, I’d love to do so!

Since my yearly average is about 55, I’m gonna go rest my voice now :)

(Pictured: Yesterday it was a double header with TLT/SCOE students. Talking to kids is really my favorite!)

Resources are forthcoming for my November 21, 2013 Ignite talk in Sebastopol, CA titled “Using Your 5 Senses: Future Tech and How It Will Touch You.”

See my previous talk here.

Slide 1 Person Prezi hand made drawing

Slide 2 Square

Slide 3 Corning – A Day Made of Glass

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Kerry Rego Consulting

Thank you very much Liners Direct for bringing me to San Diego to talk to your reps about social media, online customer service, and reputation management. I wanted your attendees to walk away with a lot of value without having to keep track of a lot of paper so I provided this link so that they can access the support information from my keynote in one place.


I don’t particularly like to fly.

I’m sitting in my local airport about to take off for San Diego. I will be the keynote speaker at a construction conference tomorrow, talking about social media, marketing, and reputation management. I’ll be paid for my work, travel expenses are covered, and I’ll sell my books to the event coordinator to give to the attendees.

I don’t do this every day (or week for that matter) but it’s becoming more frequent. Most people don’t have any idea of what my work actually looks like so I thought I’d give you more honest views of what I do on an everyday basis. I have a habit of showing you the best stuff, the manicured image. After all, it’s what I’m trained to do.

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slideshare is like Youtube for Powerpoint. When I create a presentation and want the audience to have access to the content and/or share it, I’ll upload it to Slideshare.

It gets great SEO, shows up high in search results, and is excellent for reputation management. It’s all in the keywords you put into the deck description. It’s such a smart and useful tool that LinkedIn purchased it in 2012.

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Kerry Rego ieSonomaI spoke at ieSonoma on 6/10/13 and here are some resources I wanted to share with educators and administrators.

Articles of Note:

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Illustrious Panel to Include Sir Ken Robinson and Dale Dougherty

Santa Rosa, CA – Respected social media consultant Kerry Rego will speak at the sold-out ieSonoma conference with Sir Ken Robinson, a leader in education, development and innovation who recently gave the most watched TED talk of all time with over 20 Million views. Rego has been on the forefront of tech trends as they’ve emerged and was asked personally by the Sonoma County of Education to participate in this event – it is befitting as she’s been consulting with business leaders and education decision makers for years. Rego is highly concerned with Read more

I am honored to be asked to speak at the ieSonoma conference at the Sonoma Country Day School on June 10, 2013. The panel of speakers are: Sir Ken Robinson, Darius Anderson, Doug Barry, Dale Dougherty, Jim Glasheen, and Kerry Rego (me!). Sir Ken Robinson, the keynote, is a leader in education, development and innovation. He also gave the most watched TED talk of all time. Darius Anderson is amongst the group of partners to purchase the Press Democrat in November 2012. Doug Barry is an innovator in technology, media, and entertainment. Dale Dougherty, president of Maker Media (produces MAKE) a former division of O’Reilly Media. Jim Glasheen is a leader in the field of biotech and consumer medicine. I am an author and social media consultant. I’m also the only female speaker. Read more

This is the Recommended Crowdfunding Resources sheet that was handed out during the presentation.


Crowdfunding: How to Harness Social Media Tools for Your Agency Fundraising

presented at The California Wellness Foundation Convention 4/16/13

The nonprofit world is abuzz with the idea of raising money and reaching new donors through new online strategies. “Crowdfunding” is one of the most talked about strategies – raising financing in small amounts from a large group of people using the Internet – but how can it work for senior service agencies? Come to this interactive training session to learn what tools are available, how to reach your target market, minimize impact on your staff, encourage passionate non-staff to take the mantle to help your organization, create a strategy, and how to set realistic expectations. Learn what it takes to launch an effective crowdfunding campaign and get a roadmap for doing so.