Technology for the Disabled

I love all things tech but there’s one topic that captures my fancy like none other: Technology for the Disabled. Tech companies are just now starting to pay attention to those with disabilities and innovation is bubbling up around their specific needs.

Over the years, I’ve collected anything that I noticed that fit into this category and I saved it to a Pinterest board called Tech for Disabilities and Special Needs. I’m posting it here because I reference this board again and again during Geek to the Core Episode 5.

Let me know if there’s anything I should add to the board.

(Photo by Orcam)

(Click on the title of the board to see the whole thing or each individual image will take you to that specific pin.)

Keep Your Social Media Home Grounded

Your social media campaign is like a house. The foundation and the base of it all, is your website or other place where you convert visitors. Each channel has it’s own theme, feel, culture, and rules. Every time you want to share a piece of content, you’ll need to know which “room” of your house it belongs in. Many people think it’s all about gaining likes or followers on social media. It’s not. It’s about what affects your bottom line.

Before you pick a channel, before you get fancy with the tools and toys, do this:

  1. Establish what makes you money.
  2. Increase opportunities for your customers to spend money.

Social media tools are slippery slides that smooth the path for your prospective and current customers to spend said money. Social media isn’t THE POINT. It’s a vehicle. Continue reading

Pinterest Finally Gets a Scheduler

Pingraphy*UPDATE 4/3/13 Pingraphy is back up but is now a pay for service. Boo.

*UPDATE 4/1/13 Pingraphy has been shut down. There really isn’t anything else out there that offers this service for low or no cost. You know of one? Tell me in the comments.

I’m sure my schedule is as crazy as yours. Not only do I teach my clients how to create a social media strategy, populate content on their channels, and train them to maintain those accounts, I also manage all my own social media channels. You probably realize because it’s what I do, that that’s A LOT of social media. I use Hootsuite to manage for the majority of my digital channels and ever since Pinterest came around, I’ve been wanting just one feature – the scheduler. Well, lo and behold, it’s finally here!

I found Pingraphy the other day (how, I don’t remember) and it has this elusive feature. It allows you to disperse your content out over time so that you don’t overload your followers feeds. You can find all the great stuff you want and drip it out slowly and/or post it at optimum times.

You sign in with your Pinterest password and you can see your dashboard with two sections: Manage and Track. Manage includes a scheduler, a view of what you’ve pinned recently and how they’ve performed with pins, repins, and comments as well as the pins  waiting to be posted. The awesome part about the scheduler is that if you are pinning from a site with multiple pictures you’d like to include, it gives you the option of spacing out the individual images in minutes of your choosing so that they don’t pile up on each other. You can also upload right from your computer, connect to your Facebook profile (not pages), Flickr, or Picasa. You can even edit and enhance your images!

The Track section gives you account stats. It shows overall account activity, your Top Ten pins (thank you!), the it breaks down stats for each individual board.

With this new discovery, it will allow me to do in-depth research and spend a lot of time reading up on a particular subject because I will be able to pin it all in one sitting.

I think I’m in love.

Post to Pinterest and Sell More of Your Products

Use Pinterest For SalesYou have probably opened a Pinterest account and pinned some super geeky Doctor Who memorabilia, beautiful wedding ideas, crafting projects, or yummy dessert options. Did you know that if you own a business, you can use your account to sell your products? This works best when you sell a three dimensional object and have a shopping cart setup either on your website or an ecommerce platform like Etsy or eBay. But it works! [More blogs on Pinterest]

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network with an increase of 1,047 percent (year over year) for unique US based PC visitors. You think that number is high? It pales in comparison when you look at their unique mobile visitors, a 4,225 percent increase! Where’s Facebook in all of this? Their numbers are at -4 percent and 85% respectively. Clearly, Pinterest is where the majority of your audience is spending their time. [Source Nielsen]

Nielsen Wire Top Social Networks

Take a look at the Pinterest stream and you’ll see some items have a ribbon on the upper left hand corner with a price. You may not have noticed there is also a Gifts menu item and those are divided up by price range. How do you get that ribbon on your pins? Simply edit the caption to include a sale price. It’s the currency symbol that tells Pinterest the item is for sale. I’ve seen some pins that originate from Etsy or eBay and they bring the amount with them without having it in the description. Make sure you describe the item well to ensure that shoppers looking for your product will find it.

Observe how other brands are taking advantage of this option, get creative, and apply this feature to promote your profit centers. It’s shopping season so put your product’s best foot forward!

Pinterest Adds Secret Boards

I heard a secret today. Pinterest is testing a new feature. They’re releasing secret boards so you can pin under wraps about what you are buying for Christmas, a plot to rule the world, or something else you simply aren’t ready to share. This feature has been highly requested by users and I, for one, am stoked.

I logged into Pinterest this morning and scrolled down to the bottom of my boards and there they were.

Secret Pinterest Boards


These new boards stay out of categories and out of every other way pins are visible. You can have up to three and you’ll need to delete one if you need a new one. If someone adds you to their secret board, it doesn’t count against your allotted amount. BUT they control the board and can make it public at any time. You can add your friends and make mischief!

My secret Pinterest test board

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