Summit State Bank Mobile App Spokesperson

Have you seen my face on an ad for a mobile app?

One of my dear friends, Elaina Hunt, is the Director of Marketing for Summit State Bank. I was working with their staff back in 2011 when it occurred to Elaina that I would be good for a customer testimonial campaign featuring their brand new top secret mobile application. They were the first Sonoma County local bank that offered the deposit feature and it was really exciting for them to be first in the space. Continue reading

Access Google Maps With No Internet Signal

Google Maps OfflineHave you ever been traveling, using your map for directions, and lost internet signal? You can still get guidance via Google Maps if you turn it on before you lose your internet and it will still get you where you need to go. Completely turn off the map app and it won’t work anymore (at least on iPhone). If you have an Android phone, you can change the settings to work in offline mode.

My iPhone, A Computer That Makes Phone Calls

When the iPad came out, I said, “I’ve already got one, it fits in my pocket.” Yes, that’s my joke about owning a miniature iPad….also known as an iPhone. It’s really about perspective.

When thinking of smartphones, I think a minor change in perspective is in order. Many people complain about the lack of reliability in the phone part of the iPhone service. But as many owners of smartphones know, the calling is really the least important feature. If my phone was marketed as a computer that makes phone calls, people would look at them so much differently. Continue reading

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