Backup Your LinkedIn Profile

I went to a business college filled with computers. Everyone in the school was hunched over working feverishly on their projects. When winter came, the power occasionally went out. When it did, howls of frustration would ring out up and down the hallways. No backups, people mid-stroke, cut off, machines shut down.

You can imagine how much work would go down the drain if your LinkedIn profile was erased. It happens. The best thing you can do is backup your LinkedIn profile and I wanted to show you how easy it is.

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Keep Your Social Media Home Grounded

Your social media campaign is like a house. The foundation and the base of it all, is your website or other place where you convert visitors. Each channel has it’s own theme, feel, culture, and rules. Every time you want to share a piece of content, you’ll need to know which “room” of your house it belongs in. Many people think it’s all about gaining likes or followers on social media. It’s not. It’s about what affects your bottom line.

Before you pick a channel, before you get fancy with the tools and toys, do this:

  1. Establish what makes you money.
  2. Increase opportunities for your customers to spend money.

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LinkedIn’s Best Company Pages

I say all the time, “If this was Survivor and I had to chuck them all off the island, I keep LinkedIn out of all the social media tools.” Really.

LinkedIn created a Slideshare (which they own) with great examples of LinkedIn’s Best Company pages. You may have a Company page and not even realize it. Go take a look at yours and see if it needs some improvement.

Here’s some inspiration for you.


LinkedIn Now Offers Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn took a hint from Facebook and has started offering sponsored updates as well as an easy to use advertising portal. Admins of company pages can select the Edit menu and Sponsor Your Updates appears. From there you can choose to sponsor an individual update or run an ad. It’s relatively easy to use and straight forward. LinkedIn even offers videos and resources to make sure you get the most for your money.

Have you tried this yet?

LinkedIn sponsor menu

How to Edit LinkedIn Group Photos

If you manage or participate in a LinkedIn group, you may have noticed there is a new design. They look very much like Company Pages. The cover photo is called a Hero Image (I love that name!). Here’s the link to the Help section that will guide you through the image sizes for all the different group images as well as how to edit them but here’s the quick and dirty version:

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LinkedIn Adds Two Step Verification

I’m happy to see that LinkedIn has also added two step verification to their settings. Take a look at the Slideshare below to follow the easy instructions on how to add this feature to your profile. The benefit is that when anyone logs into your account, you get a text on your mobile phone with a long number that must entered in order to gain access to your account. The downside is that it takes a few extra seconds to get in. Wouldn’t you rather the extra time to gain the peace of mind that even if someone captures your log in information, they most likely won’t be able to do damage with your profile and information? You can get your Twitter verification as well.

  • Navigate to your account settings
  • Under the Account tab, choose Manage Security Settings
  • (Anytime you are mucking around in settings, it will ask for your email & password, and it will here)
  • Choose Turn ON Two-step verification for sign-in
  • LI will ask for your mobile number and will send you a text to confirm
  • Enter the 6 digit number and you will be all set up

Two-step verification on LinkedIn from LinkedIn


How Do You Get Recommendations on LinkedIn?

Getting recommendations on LinkedIn is a subject that comes up a lot in my individual and corporate training sessions. Here my advice: Take a look at who you are connected to and pick out those you’ve enjoyed working with either as a volunteer or on the job. Then it’s easy write a sincere review of your working relationship (and it really comes through in the writing). Hopefully, that person feels the same about you, and they will return the favor. That’s not the main reason you should be writing recommendations and it feels good to sing someone’s praises without being asked.

Should I ask for recommendations?

You can ask absolutely ask people for recommendations, if you like, but I like this approach better because you are giving to get. It doesn’t pay off 100% of the time but it’s awkward for everyone involved if you ask and they don’t provide. Continue reading

Who Has Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn just recently offered the ability to see whom has viewed your profile. This used to be a paid level of service. They tease you with some basic information but, of course, try to upsell you to learn more. When I look at this feature from a client’s profile, I can see a lot more than I can from my own. Take a look to see who’s been checking you out.

Navigate to your profile>Right hand column>Who’s Viewed Your Profile>Your Profile Has Been Viewed by X People….(click here)

Who Has Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Trends Views

They also give you trend information. This graph shows how many times your profile has been viewed over the last 90 days. It’s useful in guiding you as to what behaviors you undertake on LinkedIn affect viewings.

This is also one of the places where you can change the settings of how you appear when you look at others profiles. Check out your current setting and make a decision if you want to alter it. Remember, if you are intel gathering, recruiting, or checking out your competition, you can be seen here (if those people are aware that this feature is available to them).

LinkedIn Trends Search

Another option is to see how many times you’ve appeared in Search. The bonus of filling out your profile 100% is because it increases that amount of times you are served in searches.

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