Jake Bayless and Kerry Rego

Santa Rosa Has a Social Media Policy

I have no official capacity with the City of Santa Rosa. I live, work, and was raised here. I am a contract instructor through the Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department providing social media training in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and…
Jake Bayless and Kerry Rego

Tech Education Plea for Santa Rosa, CA Business Owners

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Dear Santa Rosa City Council Members, I am a Social Media Educator & Consultant here in Santa Rosa and I've been watching New York City forge a path of digital resources for small business owners. They have specifically chosen to be…
Jake Bayless and Kerry Rego

Efren Carrillo Speaks on Social Media to Engage the Community

I gave Efren Carrillo, Sonoma County Supervisor, a hand in developing a social media presentation on using social media to engage the community in local decision making. This presentation was given on August 12, 2011, at the California State…
Jake Bayless and Kerry Rego

Kids Know Everything About Social Media

I frequently hear this statement, "Go find a college student/teenager/young person to do your social media. They are young. They know how to do this better than I do." What's your reaction to that? Does it sound right to you? If I were to…