blur your house on maps

How to Blur Your House on Maps

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Did you know that you can blur out your house on maps? You can! Whether it's Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Bing Maps you have the option to increase your level of privacy. As soon as I learned about this I turned it on for myself. I wanted to…

Setup Google Analytics GA4 Now

Are you using Google Analytics to track traffic on your website? You are? I’m proud of you! Tracking your website and marketing performance numbers is an important key to your success. But don’t worry if you aren’t yet as many organizations…
Goodbye Google Plus

Goodbye Google Plus!

The Big G was too embarrassed by yet another social network failure to flip the switch on their failing product Google Plus. They instead chose to strip it for parts after having inserted it into numerous other services. That unwinding was difficult…
screenshot of building on Google Street View most powerful social media action

The Most Powerful Social Media Action To Take

One of the smallest actions you can take that will have the biggest impact on the success of your business is to claim your Google My Business listing. What is that? It's the address and information that Google serves to people when they…
google maps logo and screenshot

Access Google Maps With No Internet Signal

Have you ever been traveling, using your map for directions, and lost internet signal? You can still get guidance via Google Maps if you turn it on before you lose your internet and it will still get you where you need to go. Completely turn…
gmail inbox logo on red background

How to Opt Out of The New Gmail Inbox

Are you frustrated with the new Gmail inbox with category tabs? I was until I discovered the minor setting that changes it back and I wanted to share it with you. I have multiple email addresses that all use Gmail as the provider. One of my…
gmail inbox logo on red background

Social Contacts Info Right in Gmail

I tested out the Rapportive add-on for my Gmail boxes today. The description on their site is "get rich contact profiles right inside Gmail" and that's accurate. You hook up your Facebook or LinkedIn to see the contact information of the person…
tools for reputation management

Tools for Reputation Management

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We have always talked about each other, it's human nature. The difference is now that the internet is involved, our words can last forever. Disparaging remarks can damage a hard earned reputation. It is recommended that individuals and businesses…
google game over digital sign

Google is Killing Their Best Product

Google has managed to kill their best product with a variety of changes they've made within the last few weeks. They introduced Google Search + Your World, a tool that when you use their search engine, you have the option of seeing what your…
location based services google my business

Claim Your Google My Business Page

Sometimes I only get 30 seconds with a business owner. What piece of information do I share that will have the most impact on their business? "If you do nothing else, claim your Google My Business page!" Why? On The Go The web (and our customers)…