whisper facebook layout

10 Most Important Things You Need To Know About the New Facebook Page Layout

Facebook is notorious for changing their product on what seems like a weekly basis.  I'm an optimist and what I tell my clients is that this never ending wheel of upset has made us better at accepting the inevitable, life is about change. It's…
how to ban users

How To Ban Users From Your Facebook Page

Did you know that you can permanently ban users from your page if they simply aren't playing nice? You can! Here's how to ban people from your Facebook page: Navigate to page On the left side of page, locate "People that Like This",…
Facebook - Create a Page Categories

How To Create a Facebook Page

I get a lot of questions about how to create a Facebook Page. With Profiles, Pages, Groups and Community Pages, most people aren't sure what they need. That is definitely a conversation for another time but I will answer this common question, "What's…
facebook name

What’s in a Facebook Name?

Why should you get  a custom URL on Facebook (sometimes known as a Facebook name)? I have five good reasons for you. One, it's simply easier to remember. Now that we've gotten over the need to say "www dot", we are comfortable saying "Find…
Mashable Guidebook

Must Know Facebook Tips

Everyone that is using Facebook should have a copy of Mashable's Facebook Guidebook. This is an incredible resource of must know Facebook tips. Please go to it and bookmark it today! What's the difference between a Profile page and a Fan…

Keeping Tabs on Your Photos Posted to Facebook

Have you checked out your Facebook "Photos of Me" lately? Did you know that if your friends take a photo, post it on their page, and tag you as in it (whether or not you really are) that's where it lands? Any of your friends that have access…