social media session kerry rego sonoma county alliance

Social Media Session #1 at Sonoma County Alliance 2/6/19

Slide deck

5 Tips for Personal Safety & Security

  1. Turn on Two Factor Authentication, Facebook, LinkedIn
  2. Download your Information, Facebook
  3. Audit Your Ad Preferences
  4. Remove connections on LinkedIn
  5. Don’t Play Password Phishing Games


5 Ways to Go to the Next Level

  1. Use a Marketing Editorial Calendar
  2. Schedule Posts Using Facebook or a 3rd Party Tool
  3. Save Content to Read Later
  4. Upload Media to Your Profile, Supported Providers
  5. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile


thumbs up facebook page

Did you know that you could like a Facebook Page as your Page instead of you personally with your Profile? Your brand can interact with other brands on Facebook and increase brand awareness and vendor relationships using this feature.

Why would you want to do that?

If there are vendors you work with regularly or if you want to get on the map with a potential client or partner, this is a great idea. The admin of the page you’ve just liked will receive a notification that your brand (a) exists and (b)is paying attention to their content. That notification is just the beginning. After that, you can regularly interact with their content as your brand and keep yours on top of their mind. (FYI Not all admins are paying attention to their pages and may miss their notifications. Their loss.)

Facebook Pages

What’s The Benefit?

Your fans can see the other pages your brand likes from the desktop version of Facebook. You can use it to showcase all the pages associated with your brand (think ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Classic, etc.) which can gets fans to interact with multiple pages.

I use mine as a recommendation source. Think about the rack cards for attractions or approved vendors that are front and center when you visit the concierge in a hotel or visitor’s center. All the things they recommend are on cards and brochures, easy to pick up. I think of it as a digital version of that scenario. When my clients ask what brands I recommend, I regularly direct them to the desktop version of my Page and tell them to look for the section that says Pages Liked By This Page.

Not all of your tactics will be grand and over-the-top. There’ are lots of small actions you can take that increase your visibility, demonstrate your willingness to engage with others, and show your awareness of the industry in which you work.

Learn more great ways to use Facebook….


How to Schedule Facebook Posts

Just like you, I love to know the tricks of the trade. I want to know how often the mechanic changes her oil; how to get the best service in a restaurant; and what toothbrush is really the best. We can’t resist digging for “pro tips” when we meet an expert. I want to share with you one of the most important functions of professional social media use – the scheduled post.

The Workhorse

Social media managers aren’t witty and creative every day (though I’m sure they’d disagree) and they don’t actually post every day. These communicators have all day meetings, travel days, vacations, and bad days too. So how to they have great content on Facebook every day? They schedule Facebook posts. It’s a part of a typical management routine to schedule some or a lot of content published for brands. Read more

lock protect your data

In the last couple weeks, I’ve written a few blogs and recorded some Facebook Live videos to breakdown and share my takeaways on the complicated Cambridge Analytica situation. As a result, I knew that the next natural topic would be to talk about how to protect your data.

Facebook settings

Privacy Settings

Do you know how to access your Privacy Settings? On desktop you can find it from the blue arrow in the upper right hand corner. Hit that drop down arrow and choose Settings. Read more


As the developing story about political data firm Cambridge Analytica unfolds, I’m sure you are asking the questions What now? How do I protect myself? Should I quit Facebook? I encourage you to ask as many questions as you can handle. Keep asking until you understand, keep looking until you are satisfied.

Need an Update on Cambridge Analytica?

I went live yesterday (about Facebook on Facebook, I know) to give an overview of the issue, mention what Facebook had done up until that point, my thoughts, and how you can protect yourself. Watch the video and share, if you like. This blog is many of the resources I promise in the video. Read more


I wanted to share with you some of the resources I uncovered while researching what’s happening with Facebook and the political data firm Cambridge Analytica. I’ve also included steps you can use to better protect yourself online.

My Words on Cambridge Analytica

First, here’s a video I shot breaking it down for you in my own words. (Feel free to comment if you have any questions I can answer.)

Read more

facebook zero

Have you heard of Facebook Zero? This phrase refers to the expectation that organic reach on Facebook for pages will drop to zero percent. You’ve probably heard people running around like they’ve got snakes in their hair, screaming about the end of Facebook’s value to businesses. As with each and every algorithm change that’s come before, things aren’t quite as bad as the predictions. Read more

How to Report a Death to Facebook

I hope you don’t have to read this. I hope sincerely that out of all the searches you do on the internet, that you never have to search “how to report a death to Facebook.” But here you are. I’m so sorry for your loss.

The first time this topic showed up for me was in 2013 when an acquaintance died and a post of hers resurfaced on Facebook. Their algorithm pushed it into my News Feed when someone liked her content talking about her beloved Oakland A’s. She had just passed away and it felt like a slap in the face from the cold hand of technology. Read more

how to change your facebook page name

You may not even realize that you can change your Facebook page name. It’s a really simple yet powerful action you can take to protect your brand, get more easily found in search, and it’s faster to type. Check out the information below on how to change the name, what to think about before doing it, and why you can’t change it.

Why should I change my page name?

  • It’s clean branding. See below.
  • It’s easier to type than the one they assigned you (which will still work, by the way.)
  • It presents a great opportunity for businesses to consider incorporating generic keywords for increased search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Owning your digital name and URL is a good idea in every location that your customers are.

Read more

Optimize photos for the internet

There’s something really important about content creation that you may be missing. Every piece of media that you upload, including photos, video, audio, and documents, is full of metadata. Most people don’t know much about how metadata works so let me share with you how to optimize photos for the internet.

What is Metadata?

It’s information that describes a piece content. It’s important because most search engines use metadata to help determine the value of content when adding pages to their search index. In simpler terms, this information is what Google uses to decide where (and how high up) to show your stuff in search. Read more