Solving Our Problem of Digital Illiteracy

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I pointed out my concerns about our workforce being digitally illiterate. I'm not a fan of all talk and no action. So here are my active suggestions on how we can improve the situation and make us competitive again: Invest in technology…

Our Workforce is Digitally Illiterate

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My first directive as a social media and technology trainer is education. I help people understand what's going on, who's talking, where they are, how to make it happen, and when they should participate. What has become painfully obvious to…

Social Media: What Students Need to Know

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Additional resources available by searching my blog for "Reputation Management" or by clicking here: Social Media: What Students Need to Know View more presentations from Kerry Rego

We Are Failing Our Kids

I dare you to give a 16 year old a car but don't give them any information about the rules of the road or a map. Tell 'em to just wing it. Teach yourself, kid. How well do you think that would work out? Just think about the damage that could…