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Shifting Your Curriculum to Teach Online

Congratulations! You are now on the road to adapting your classes in order to teach online. Whether or not you're ready, you'll be stuck with it for the near (and possibly distant) future. I don't have to tell you that adjusting your curriculum…
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Digital Resources for Everyone

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We made it through the holidays! Since it's the busiest time of year for tech purchases, I wanted to share some of my favorite digital resources to help you get through the gifts, setups, frustration, and privacy settings. When I speak at…
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Social Media Brings History to Life!

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Social Media Brings History to Life! I presented to the Sonoma County Historical Society at the Sonoma County Library on 6/18/16 and these are the resources I located and wanted to share with the attendees. Bring me in to present to…
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My Adventures As A High School Teacher

How I Became a Teacher As an independent consultant, my job is to learn the tools and then educate others. I’ve been co-teaching a class at Sonoma State University for several years, I teach workshops at Santa Rosa Junior College, and have…
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I’m Still Here

Have you heard the news? I'm now teaching two classes of Business Principles at Windsor High School. The regular teacher wanted to work part time so I became his partner. The class focuses on personal finance, business management, some social…
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Proud to be First – Social Media Teacher

Over a year ago, I was walking out of a board meeting for a non-profit organization and talking with a fellow board member. It so happens he's the father of a woman I went to college with so we've known each other a long time. He asked what…
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Windsor High Social Media Workshop for Teens

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I'm pleased to be offering a Social Media Workshop for Teens at Windsor High School for Fall 2014. This ten week after school workshop is designed to: have students set goals; create a strategy and system for social media use; have a viable…

Social Media Speaker – My Coolest Job Ever

When I was a kid, I thought being a motivational speaker, the kind that got us out of class for an hour, was the coolest job. It had entertainment, performances, excitement, motivation, information, fun, and everyone's happy not to be studying. Now…

Teen Social Media Class at Sonoma State

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Do you have (or know) a 7-9th grader that loves to spend time on their smartphone and social media? I'm teaching "Changing the World with Social Media", a 2 week teen social media class at Sonoma State University in July 2014 just for that…
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All Time High Record as a Speaker

Today I hit an all time high record - 67 speaking engagements in one year!!! Many of them are paid such as corporate classes on Facebook & LinkedIn or keynote engagements at corporate events. Some of them are gratis. These I reserve mostly…