woman looking through camera lens | copyright

The Importance of Understanding Copyright

What do you do when you need a photo for a post or piece of content? Do you search on Google for an image then “Save As” whatever looks good? You may not know that even if you search with Google Usage Rights adjustments, you may be using…
keyword word cloud

What Are Keywords?

My short and sweet definition is that keywords are the building blocks of the internet. They make up everything you search for or engage with on the web. “Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of (search…

The Value of Content Marketing

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You are in business and you need to focus on what it is that brings money in the door. Content marketing might not seem like a straight line to profit (or increased donations) but I'd like to share some reasons why you should consider this investment…
Optimize photos for the internet

How to Optimize Photos for the Internet

There's something really important about content creation that you may be missing. Every piece of media that you upload, including photos, video, audio, and documents, is full of metadata. Most people don't know much about how metadata works…

You Can Save Content on Facebook!

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One of my favorite ways to enjoy Facebook is on demand. What? You can Save posts for later and read or enjoy them when you want to. This is a great way to curate content for your brand to repost where and when you want and I'm able to make better…
How to Schedule on Facebook

How to Schedule Content on Facebook

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Do you ever wonder how social media managers control all the posts they put out? Are you curious about how they do it? Once you know the trick, you can do it too. Social media managers, marketing professionals, and community managers are all…
social media theme content writing

Social Media Theme Schedule Download

A few years ago I created a tool for my own use that I’d like to share with you. I found that when I sat down to write content for my various social media channels that I’d forget to talk about certain topics. I gravitated towards the obvious,…

How to Have A Good Balance of Social Media Content

Many people that I talk to are worried about providing a good balance of social media content so as to not come across as "too sales-y". Lots of channels only post pitches to buy stuff without any soul or entertainment value. The majority…
Responsive Website

Website Redesign

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Have you noticed I haven't been writing lately? I have been anxiously awaiting returning to content creation but was in the middle of a website redesign and I didn't want to muddy the waters. As a social media trainer, I get to work with some…
editorial calendar

Sample Editorial Calendar

In order to deliver good content that communicates your brand's message effectively, planning ahead is necessary. I provide my clients with an example editorial calendar (shown below). Sometimes I help them develop it and sometimes they take…