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I Learned I Can Be A Mess At BlogHer

I attended the BlogHer '14 conference a few weeks ago in San Jose, CA. The line up of speakers was amazing: Kerry Washington, Arianna Huffington, Guy Kawasaki, Beth Kanter, Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess, Barb Dywad of Engadget, Demetria Lucas,…

Blogger - Not Paid to Advertise

**Reminder** I am not sponsored by any company. I am paid no royalties for the recommendations that I make. I am not paid to advertise anything. I use the tools I mention, have tested them, like them, and want you to know about them in case…
Responsive Website

Website Redesign

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Have you noticed I haven't been writing lately? I have been anxiously awaiting returning to content creation but was in the middle of a website redesign and I didn't want to muddy the waters. As a social media trainer, I get to work with some…
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Blog Content Exercise | How to Plan a Year Ahead

Did you know that much of the traffic to your website comes through your blog? It's true. Business blogging is a necessity to attract visitors. You are probably thinking, "I don't know what to write about." I wrote a blog about good writing…
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Write Your Blogs Yourself, Your Audience Will Know the Difference

I submitted a proposal to a recruiting firm recently and one of the core management team members asked if I write content and I wanted to share with you my answer to her question: "I don't write content for my clients or arrange for a content…
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15 Easy Blog Post Topics

Blogging is one of the best ways you can communicate the culture, values, and story of your company. Yet, it's the one tool that seems to be the most difficult for organizations to commit to doing. Most don't think they can create enough content.…