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Social Media is Hard

It's draining and fast-paced. Deadlines are crazy. Just test it, send it to yourself, over and over, click on everything, read it again and again. It's the only thing that works. But stuff still happens. Then add in the emotional and triggering…
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It’s Time to Revisit Your Values

Right now is a unique time in our history. A global pandemic, unheard of unemployment, protests spanning many countries, and overall emotional overwhelm. I bet you're having a tough time figuring out how to market your business or organization.…
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Surviving Tech | Take the Tech Load Off

Day in and day out our technology devices pummel us with information, notifications, and noise. Global stress, trauma, triggers, and pain are witnessed at mass scale in our feeds non-stop. Natural disasters, massacres, loss of human and civil…

Cambridge Analytica: Breaking it Down

I wanted to share with you some of the resources I uncovered while researching what's happening with Facebook and the political data firm Cambridge Analytica. I've also included steps you can use to better protect yourself online. My Words…
geek to the core podcast the internet and anxiety

Podcast Episode 11 | The Internet and Anxiety

Kerry explores the internet and anxiety, mental health, and how to cope. Listen Now Check out more Geek to the Core Podcasts

How to Mute Someone on Facebook

It seems as if everyone has experienced “The Oversharer.” This is a family member that complains too much or a friend that’s giving a blow-by-blow of her kid’s potty training habits (sorry) or any other account that simply talks too…
magician - social media is an illusion

The Social Media Illusion

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"You look SO busy!" This is what I hear every time I see someone in person that I haven't seen for awhile. They've been following my business Facebook page or they get my email newsletter and somehow come to the conclusion that I'm swamped.…

The Antidote to Technology

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Quite by accident, I discovered the antidote to technology Don't get me wrong, I love tech. I love the buttons, design, functionality, the possibilities, and the experience of a great user interface design. I don't love what it's doing to us.…
stressful technology

Stressful Pace of Technology

"That is so 12 seconds ago!" AT&T's new ad campaign is really funny. But just seeing that written down makes me anxious (How about you?). You don't NEED the newest phone, gadget, or dohicky. These ads are created by marketers whose goal…
speed of life

Frustrated with the Speed of Life

I am sunsetting an old email system and was going through a folder of writings I wanted to expand upon and I found this: "I realize that I've become frustrated with the speed that life works at in the physical realm. When I have to physically…