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Social Networks Small World

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I have a weird story about how small the world is and how social networks overlap in many ways. shoot an industrial film for Apple Computer to promote their very first 'i' product called iMovie. I was one of the 7 actors/models that played…
iOS Shortcut

How to Set a Shortcut for iOS

One of the most common short phrases that I send digitally is "No problem." It's often in response to someone that I'm meeting that's running late for our appointment. As soon as I got in my car this morning, I received an email from my client…
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Angela Ahrendts' Digital Vision is Boon for Apple

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"We're challenging ourselves constantly to stay ahead of the curve - be it mobile, be it social, be it physical. They're all one. Life is forever blurred.  I grew up in a physical worldand I speak English. The next generation is growing…
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I Sit in Silence

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I keep forgetting. Then I remember and it jolts me back to reality. My first reaction is to cry but I'm struggling with that. I tell myself that I'm jaded and shouldn't be effected by the loss of a corporate figurehead. After all, I didn't even…
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My iPhone, A Computer That Makes Phone Calls

When the iPad came out, I said, "I've already got one, it fits in my pocket." Yes, that's my joke about owning a miniature iPad....also known as an iPhone. It's really about perspective. When thinking of smartphones, I think a minor change…