Threads vs. Twitter

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In case you missed it, on 7/5/2023 Meta released a text based app called Threads by Instagram to compete with Twitter. There’s a rumor that they pushed up the release date in order to capitalize on ongoing meltdown over at Twitter HQ. My…

Setup Google Analytics GA4 Now

Are you using Google Analytics to track traffic on your website? You are? I’m proud of you! Tracking your website and marketing performance numbers is an important key to your success. But don’t worry if you aren’t yet as many organizations…
social media data dashboard

Social Media Data is Evidence of Success

Social media can be a massive time suck or it can be one of the most powerful tools at getting your message out there. If you want it to work for you, you have to define what success actually means. Then review your data to see if you did the…
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Quickly Increase Social Media Engagement Rate

There’s a surprising way to increase social media engagement rate on any platform. You’re going to think I’m off my rocker but it works. Drum roll please --- delete followers! See, I told you that you'd think there was something wrong…
Get Social with Kerry Rego North Bay Business Journal mentor

Social Media Investments Must Be Measured | Get Social With Kerry Rego

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(Excerpt from Get Social with Kerry Rego, a regular monthly column in the North Bay Business Journal) One of the biggest digital myths being told today is “Social media isn’t measurable.” Studies across the board show that even though…
sonoma state university

Social Media for Tomorrow, Sonoma State University Resources

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These are articles of reference in relation to the talk I gave EMBA students at Sonoma State University on 1/28/11. Return on Investment (ROI): Being Social in the Social Media World (All things to consider in your campaign) Sexy…