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Social Media Reputation Management by Kerry RegoI was invited to the North Bay Leadership Council Frontliners meeting on December 15, 2014 to talk about reputation management in social media. For further reading, check out the blogs I’ve written on the subject in the category sidebar or by clicking here. I’ve also written a book on the topic, What You Don’t Know About Social Media CAN Hurt You: Take Control of Your Online Reputation, available in paperback or Kindle.

This is the link to the presentation I gave for the convenience of the attendees: Reputation Management 2014-12

Secret to My Success

My business Kerry Rego Consulting celebrated eight years this September. I’ve been asked many times what I did to reach the level of success and respect I’ve achieved but I didn’t have an answer beyond “hard work” until just recently. Now that I’ve put my finger on one of the the most important elements, I want to share with you the secret to my success.

There’s a journey here

You may have heard of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). As part of the federal government, this department is designed to support small businesses. “Since its founding on July 30, 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses. SBA provides free individual face-to-face, and internet counseling for small businesses, and low-cost training to nascent entrepreneurs and established small businesses in over 1,800 locations throughout the United States and US territories.” Your local branch of the SBA is called the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Find your local branch here.

I don’t remember how I learned about the SBDC though it was most likely an internet search for business services. After launching my organizing business in 2006, I had questions about how to expand my business intelligently and I went in for assistance. I was amazed to learn that the services I received were FREE. Yes, really. Free. Continue reading

Every Step You Take (Online), Someone’s Watching You

There are so many times I want to vague book, be snarky online, or like a post and something holds me back. I often feel like I know too much about the online world and it causes me to be too censored and that my online presence isn’t an accurate view of who I am as a person. It begs the comment, “No one is actually the person they present online.” Our profiles are finely curated versions of ourselves. Continue reading

Windsor High Social Media Workshop for Teens

I’m pleased to be offering a Social Media Workshop for Teens at Windsor High School for Fall 2014. This ten week after school workshop is designed to: have students set goals; create a strategy and system for social media use; have a viable project or process at completion; understand the benefits, obstacles, and challenges of social media; and to have job skills at the end of the course.

Instruction Objectives

Students will create an actionable social media campaign portfolio project to be presented at the last class. By the end of the workshop, each student will be able to demonstrate the following skills and have higher than entry-level abilities:

Continue reading

The Social Media Starter Kit

The Social Media Starter KitWhy did I write this book?

I wrote The Social Media Starter Kit to guide you and your team through the process of setting up a successful social media campaign and to be an ongoing resource for you. You may be a sole proprietor, small business owner, marketer, or large organization. Whether you are from a for-profit, non-profit, educational body, government, or otherwise, I believe anyone can use the information. (See more books by Kerry Rego.)

For years my clients and students have been asking for “the book,” Continue reading

How to Turn Off Facebook Videos

I got this question on my Facebook page yesterday,

FaceBook question for you: I used to have to click on a video – actually CHOOSE to watch it – before it began to play. Now all of a sudden videos just START playing on their own. Is there a way to disable this feature??”

In case you were wondering as well, here’s how to turn off Facebook videos from auto playing in your feed:

  • Go to your drop down arrow upper left hand corner on desktop
  • Choose Settings from the list
  • Choose Videos
  • Toggle the selection On/Off

Let me know in the comments if there are other questions I can answer for you!

The Social Media Starter Kit Crowdfunding Campaign

All the Social Media tools you need to get started – all in one handy little book.

I Need Your Help to Finish!

Hi! I’m Kerry Rego and I’m a social media consultant, educator, author, columnist, and speaker. My passion is to teach people to use technology to, not only improve their lives and bottom lines, but to help them change their world. My credentials for your consideration:

  • County of Sonoma social media consultant
  • Sonoma State University social media instructor
  • Santa Rosa Junior College community education instructor
  • North Bay Business Journal columnist
  • North Bay Woman (Marin Independent Journal) contributor
  • Vistage speaker
  • My full LinkedIn profile

My clients and students have been asking me for a long time to provide them with “all they need to know” when it came to social media. Well, it’s impossible to include everything but I can provide them (and you!) with an easy to understand step-by-step process on how to deploy smart social media as if I was right beside them. So I wrote this book just for you and now I need your help to go the extra distance and I created a crowd fundingcampaign on Indiegogo.


“The Social Media Starter Kit”

This book is your guide to establish your social plan, how to set up a system for success, and will provide you peace of mind because at the end you’ll know what’s important to a great social media presence. The book covers: Continue reading

I Learned I Can Be A Mess At BlogHer

I attended the BlogHer ’14 conference a few weeks ago in San Jose, CA. The line up of speakers was amazing: Kerry Washington, Arianna Huffington, Guy Kawasaki, Beth Kanter, Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess, Barb Dywad of Engadget, Demetria Lucas, Tig Nataro, Danae Ringelmann from IndieGogo, Lindsey Shepard of Goldieblox, danah boyd, and Kara Swisher to name a few. I wanted to share with you my biggest takeaway. (see my photo album)

We all suffer from pain

It’s inflicted from the very moment we are removed from our mother and must cope with that terrible feeling. It repeats at frequencies that are unique to each of us. It never ends and we endure or perish. Continue reading

The Most Powerful Social Media Action To Take

If you only do one thing….

One of the smallest actions you can take that will have the biggest impact on the success of your business is to claim your Google+ Local listing.

What is that?

It’s the address and information that Google serves to people when they type in the name of your business.

Don’t think it’s important?

This business information is put into Search, Maps, and Google+. You probably already have a listing. Go type your business name into Google’s Search, I’ll wait. Continue reading

Always 900 People In Line | Social Customer Service

I deal with a lot of banks in my life, just like you do, I’m sure. Let me list the ways: checking accounts, business banking, mortgages, car payments, HSA, college funds, credit cards, and only a few of mine are housed under the same roof. I regularly drop off a payment or walk into a branch when I need to get a payment in on time. Here’s an example of great social customer service.

A few months ago, I walked into my local branch of Redwood Credit Union that I experienced to have very long lines. To be honest, I’m never in the best mood when I go into this credit union because they held the note for my car (not their fault and I’ve since paid it off). But on this day, the line was at ridiculous proportions and I was upset. I almost never check-in on Facebook but I had so much extra time on my hands, I couldn’t resist.

Redwood Credit Union Social Media Customer Service Continue reading

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