How To Create a Facebook Page

I get a lot of questions about how to create a Facebook Page. With Profiles, Pages, Groups and Community Pages, most people aren’t sure what they need. That is definitely a conversation for another time but I will answer this common question,

“What’s the best reason to have a Page?”

You can update your followers through the status box and it goes directly into people’s feeds without them having to do anything unlike a Group. That and it’s a basically a free website with great SEO power. Continue reading

Who is Your CEO?

What is it that your clients keep coming back for? What sets you apart?

I went to a Sonoma County Go Local Cooperative event where Dr. William Silver, dean of the School of Business & Economics at Sonoma State University, was the keynote speaker. He said “Who is the CEO of your organization? Who is the Chief Experience Officer?” He went on to describe how people love Starbucks because they are buying not just coffee or a muffin but an experience. No matter where they go in the world, they know they can depend on getting that experience at a Starbucks in Des Moines, Beverly Hills or Atlanta. That there are people whose travel is greatly determined by the proximity of the nearest Starbucks. Continue reading

Building Bridges

The lives we live are long and often we don’t realize everything we do is connected. Think about all the jobs you’ve ever had, good and bad. With the ability to locate the people we’ve worked with and for over the years, those old jobs and relationships are coming back to the surface. The networks that are ours we build every day with every interaction that we have.

Last week I posted a comment on my Facebook page about an unpleasant experience I had. Continue reading

What’s in a Facebook Name?

Why should you get  a custom URL on Facebook (sometimes known as a Facebook name)? I have five good reasons for you.

One, it’s simply easier to remember. Now that we’ve gotten over the need to say “www dot”, we are comfortable saying “Find me on Facebook. I’m at“.

Two, you can put it on all your marketing materials. Your main website, email signature, business card, brochure, blog etc. It’s easier to type than Continue reading

Must Know Facebook Tips

Everyone that is using Facebook should have a copy of Mashable’s Facebook Guidebook. This is an incredible resource of must know Facebook tips. Please go to it and bookmark it today!

What’s the difference between a Profile page and a Fan page?

The real difference is that you can only have 5000 friends but there is no limit to how many fans you can have. You can also have an unlimited amount of Fan pages.

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Walk Your Own Road

Do you ever find yourself looking around you and wondering how “they” are doing it? Where their projects and inspiration are coming from?

This is a mantra that’s been working for me lately, “Every day I am going to focus on the road in front of me. I am going to repeat my goals to myself and instead of looking around me, I will look into the horizon and walk towards my goals with confidence.”

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Your Status Update is Your Canvas

I think the most overlooked and underestimated tool of social networking platforms is the status update. It’s that little box that asks what you’re doing or what you are working on. On Twitter it’s “What’s Happening?” and on Facebook “What’s on Your Mind?”. Most people take the question literally and give a blow by blow of their day. Boring! You can do more with it than that.

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