Walk Your Own Road

Do you ever find yourself looking around you and wondering how “they” are doing it? Where their projects and inspiration are coming from?

This is a mantra that’s been working for me lately, “Every day I am going to focus on the road in front of me. I am going to repeat my goals to myself and instead of looking around me, I will look into the horizon and walk towards my goals with confidence.”

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Your Status Update is Your Canvas

I think the most overlooked and underestimated tool of social networking platforms is the status update. It’s that little box that asks what you’re doing or what you are working on. On Twitter it’s “What’s Happening?” and on Facebook “What’s on Your Mind?”. Most people take the question literally and give a blow by blow of their day. Boring! You can do more with it than that.

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Why Social Media Isn’t a Fad

I hear the word “fad” all the time in relation to social media. I read a post by Elizabeth Potts Weinstein @ElizabethPW about her 4 year old daughter when she was scalded by hot water. She tweeted her situation and that she would be at the hospital, fearful and in emergency mode. The outpouring of love and energy that came from people she only knew online, took her off-guard. I hope that you click on the link for her post and read it for yourself. All that she says, I completely agree with and I don’t know if I could write it more effectively or from the heart than she did so I hope you take the time to read her original words. I have included below the comment I made in response to her honest words.


All that you said…so important. Thank you for verbalizing all that I’ve been thinking. We are spending more time online but we have so many more opportunities to truly connect with one another. Continue reading

Spelling and Grammar Only Matter When You Are Trying to Communicate!

Dear Kerry,

Burning Social Media Question: Has correct spelling and grammar become an old-fashioned notion when it comes to social media and email? I’m sure it’s my issue, but it really turns me off. It even means the difference between hiring/not hiring someone to do something for me. Should I get off my high horse?

–Picky and Annoyed in RP

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How Will They Find Me?

One of the most common questions I get is, “When I get on Facebook/Twitter/etc., how will people find me?” My two word answer is, “Tell them”.

It seems simple but you wouldn’t expect your clients to intuit your phone number, would you? You have to give it to them. Your business card has a tremendous amount of valuable information right there on that 2″ x 3.5″ piece of real estate. My card gives you 5 choices on how you can communicate with me (it will be 6 once I have my FB custom URL printed on there, next run!). Pick the one that works for you. Everyone has different preferences, you have to give your clients options and ways that THEY are comfortable with, it’s not just what YOU want. Continue reading

Who Are All These People Following Me?

You are now officially on the Twitter map. You probably said or tweeted practically nothing so far but WHO ARE ALL THESE  PEOPLE FOLLOWING YOU? The people that are following you are one of two categories.

1) You followed them first and they are reciprocating. It’s generally considered nice manners to follow back but you aren’t technically rude if you don’t. I say Quality over Quantity!!!

2) They are “Follower Hunters”. They will follow huge amounts of people everyday. They either believe that higher amounts of followers are the way to be successful on Twitter or it makes them feel bigger/badder/more popular to have a high amount of followers. They followed you to get you to follow them back. Most likely you don’t yet have enough information or tweets on your page for them to be truly interested in you and your message yet. Continue reading

Twitter, The Cocktail Party

My clients say this to me this all the time, “Tell me why I need to be on social media.” You don’t.

I liken Twitter to a cocktail party. It’s full of people and everyone is talking away. You need to decide if you even want to be at the party, sometimes you are simply too busy or the party isn’t the right venue for you. Of course, there are boring/obnoxious people at every event, you steer clear of them. Everyone has different uses for it. I use Twitter as a personalized newspaper/periodical. I keep my follower list very small (I’m quality not quantity) and read my stream from my phone throughout the day. (FYI, I use Twitter for iPhone and Hootsuite <–affiliate link) I am mostly in listener mode. Continue reading

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