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Kerry is a Social Media | Technology Trainer | Speaker | Author based in Santa Rosa, CA. She offers consulting and social media training in the form of individual lessons, customizable classes, and is available to speak at your event. People and tech, together changing the world.

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Why You Should Change Your Facebook Page Name

You may not even realize that you can change your Facebook page name. It’s a really simple yet powerful action you can take to protect your brand, get more easily found in search, and it’s faster to type. Check out the information below on how to change the name, what to think about before doing it, […]

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Technology for the Disabled

I love all things tech but there’s one topic that captures my fancy like none other: Technology for the Disabled. Tech companies are just now starting to pay attention to those with disabilities and innovation is bubbling up around their specific needs. Over the years, I’ve collected anything that I noticed that fit into this […]


How to Optimize Photos for the Internet

There’s something really important about content creation that you may be missing. Every piece of media that you upload, including photos, video, audio, and documents, is full of metadata. Most people don’t know much about how metadata works so let me share with you how to optimize photos for the internet. What is Metadata? It’s […]

Episode 3 | Hiring a Social Media Expert

Episode 3 of Geek to the Core | Hiring a Social Media Expert Kerry talks what you need to know about hiring someone to do your social media whether it’s education, experience, or how to find the right person. Questions? Email me at podcast@geektothecore.com

Episode 2 | Optimizing Photos for the Internet

Episode 2 of Geek to the Core | Optimizing Photos for the Internet You are probably missing a huge opportunity to be found on the internet! Use your search engine optimization chances to come up in search and for you to be served to those that are interested in what you do. I talk about […]