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Kerry is a Social Media | Technology Trainer | Speaker | Author based in Santa Rosa, CA. She offers consulting and social media training in the form of individual lessons, customizable classes, and is available to speak at your event. People and tech, together changing the world.

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Social Media is Hard

It’s draining and fast paced. Deadlines are crazy. Just test it, send it to yourself, over and over, click on everything, read it again and again. It’s the only thing that works. But stuff still happens. Then add in the emotional and triggering subject matter that you deal with. Then add in COVID. Then add […]


It’s Time to Revisit Your Values

Right now is a unique time in our history. A global pandemic, unheard of unemployment, protests spanning many countries, and overall emotional overwhelm. I bet you’re having a tough time figuring out how to market your business or organization. You are not alone. What’s Important? Center yourself. This is the time to go back to […]


Shifting Your Curriculum to Teach Online

Congratulations! You are now on the road to adapting your classes in order to teach online. Whether or not you’re ready, you’ll be stuck with it for the near (and possibly distant) future. I don’t have to tell you that adjusting your curriculum mid-semester will require a tremendous amount of focus. Take it from a […]

At Long Last – A Twitter Scheduler

Twitter is including some users in a test out the ability to schedule tweets right from the Compose box. Since August of 2019, reports have been trickling in from individual users that have received the feature. Though Twitter hasn’t made a big to-do of this release, I suspect they are working on it in the […]


What Are Keywords?

My short and sweet definition is that keywords are the building blocks of the internet. They make up everything you search for or engage with on the web. “Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of (search engine optimization or) SEO, they’re the words and phrases that searchers […]

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Digital Resources for Everyone

We made it through the holidays! Since it’s the busiest time of year for tech purchases, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite digital resources to help you get through the gifts, setups, frustration, and privacy settings. When I speak at schools K-12 or adult education, I provide resources based on the […]

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The Value of Content Marketing

You are in business and you need to focus on what it is that brings money in the door. Content marketing might not seem like a straight line to profit (or increased donations) but I’d like to share some reasons why you should consider this investment of effort and time more carefully. If you haven’t […]