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When creating social media content, many of us run into an unexpected problem – how to sound natural. It’s come up again and again over the years while coaching my clients and students but I found a way to help them through this. If you struggle with how to sound natural on social media, I have a solution that I call “the BBQ test.”

Let Me Explain

We’ve all sat down next to someone at a family party people at a table toasting their glassessuch as a baby shower or a backyard BBQ. Invariably, they’ll ask you “How’s work?” Now you have to make a split second decision. Before you answer you’ll need to consider how interested this person or if it was a throwaway question, how technical you should get, how versed they are in your field, and potentially even more factors. After doing all that mental math, you’ll provide an answer that’s appropriate for the context of this conversation.

You’ve done this over and over, you know how to do this. Hold that thought in the back of your mind.

How You Write

Now recall how you create written content such as blogs and social media posts. In my case, the first draft is full of facts and tends to be technical and dry. You might have a different issue but no matter who we are, it’s a necessity to edit.

A vital step in the editing process is to read it out loud. (This will also work for the scripts you write for videos.)

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This is the BBQ test

You’ll find typos, double or missing words, and you’ll notice if it sounds unnatural or robotic. The best question to ask yourself is “Does this sound like my voice?” or try this way “Is this how I would say it to someone that’s sitting next to me at a party?” Here’s where you’ll use those same muscles you use when talking to your grandpa at the summer cookout. This will help you have a natural and conversational tone in your social media content.

Now I want BBQ.

Need help getting your words together? I’d love to help!

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    • Kerry Rego
      Kerry Rego says:

      I don’t understand your question. Isabella doesn’t have anything to do with this blog and I’m not sure how you connected the two. BTW she’s very much alive and well. I spoke to her just a few days ago.

  1. elizabeth wilder
    elizabeth wilder says:

    why did you delete our comment and why do you only post the same three pictures of isabella peregrina and why is derek deport part of this and were you in the polar express or not and do you know josh hutcherson cause if you do can i have his number please 🙏

    • Kerry Rego
      Kerry Rego says:

      Didn’t delete your comment. I have moderation set-up and hadn’t yet approved your comment. I thought about not approving because the nature of your comments is odd and concerning but I didn’t want you to think I deleted them. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of her on my site.


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