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Twice this week someone has tried to log-in to my Facebook account. I use the security feature called Two Factor Authentication (2FA) so my account was protected. Each time I received an email from Meta (that’s how I set it up) and was able to let them know it wasn’t me by simply pushing a button. Be mindful as this type of activity is on the rise.*
*As soon as I posted this tip to my socials, I heard from a lot of people that they’ve either been recently hacked or had many recent failed attempts just like me.

security guard two factor authenticationIf someone is trying to log-in as you from an unrecognized browser or mobile device, you’ll be asked to enter a special login code or confirm a login attempt each time it happens. This has saved my bacon multiple times.

In fact, if you’re in the financial or government industries, you may be required to use 2FA to increase the security of valuable assets. But the beauty is, anyone can use it.

Turn on Two Factor Authentication on as many channels as you can to keep your assets safe! If you run a business on the internet this is the difference between staying secure or losing access to everything you’ve built. Even if you don’t run an organization using the web, your personal data is just as valuable. Once a bad actor has control of your account or phone number via the SIM card, not only is your personal financial information at great risk but your reputation will likely be seriously compromised.

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Need help setting up 2FA on your socials or other tech support*? Let me know.

I cannot help retrieve a hacked personal Facebook account/profile. Get some advice here.


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