hand holding paper with text be kind social media is hard

It’s draining and fast paced. Deadlines are crazy. Just test it, send it to yourself, over and over, click on everything, read it again and again. It’s the only thing that works. But stuff still happens.

Then add in the emotional and triggering subject matter that you deal with.
Then add in COVID.
Then add in all the crap in the news every single day.

You are doing a really good job, (client). Everything is really coming along and you’ve made great progress. A big part of my job is to tell you where the shore is and keep moving you when it gets tough. Social media is hard in a normal day/month/year and it’s extra tough right now. Keep up the good work.

The title and text you just read is an email I sent to a client only a few minutes ago. It’s the second such email I’ve sent in two weeks. The internet is a really difficult place to be when you’re having a tough time in general. My clients are struggling as they live their lives and run their organizations on the web.

Social Media is Hard, It’s Not You

 woman head in hands social media is hardIt’s all hard. Creating it, maintaining it, optimizing it, creating content for it, tracking it. Social media, the monster that never sleeps.

If you feel like you are drowning right now, I see you. You’re dealing with work, money, home life, love, your health, past pains, and then add in the internet. If you use social media as a big part of your job, I’m looking at you especially hard.

It Gets Better

I’ve been using it professionally for 15 years. Some days are bad. Some days are truly magical. In life as on the social web. There are days you need to turn off the device and give it space. In fact, you must.

  • Don’t be afraid to delete the app off your phone
  • Block a website from your browser
  • Set timers for apps
  • Get outside
  • Sit quietly and listen to nature
  • Get crafty in how you set boundaries and protect yourself
  • I discovered the antidote to technology and here are other blogs on how to find better balance

Know What You Need

Digital marketing and social media don’t work without a plan. If you don’t have a plan, it definitely won’t give you what you need. Don’t waste the energy you have. When you’re ready, here are my blogs on Strategy, they’ll help.

What I’m really trying to say is, when you find the internet to be a difficult place to be, you can take a break. We all have to. Let me know if I can help.

Last, but not least, Be Kind to Yourself.


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