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Right now is a unique time in our history. A global pandemic, unheard of unemployment, protests spanning many countries, and overall emotional overwhelm. I bet you’re having a tough time figuring out how to market your business or organization. You are not alone.

What’s Important?

Center yourself. This is the time to go back to your mission statement, to revisit your values, and remember who you are as an organization. Dig deep and be honest. Maybe your priorities or values have changed a bit, that’s okay. This is a “real talk” conversation with yourself and your team.

When you feel you have the words and concepts ready, tell people. Tell your donors, customers, supporters, community, and partners. You will grow deeper bonds over shared beliefs. You will learn much more about these people in return. You may lose some along the way. You will feel the loss but you may actually be glad for the clarity. You will learn who you can, and can’t, trust.

I know it’s scary to come out into the open and be honest. But it’s worth it. I expect you will feel a sense of pride at your willingness to stand strong in the face of uncertainty.

How Can I Be Helpful?

This is the question I ask myself when I feel sad or overwhelmed about the state of the world. There’s a lot you can do, please don’t let yourself succumb to inertia, please don’t hide. Your community needs you and the gifts you bring.

If you’re struggling to find a “thing” that you can do, think about your professional skills – can you provide a service to someone or an org in need? Ask others “What do you need?” and they will supply you with answers. It doesn’t have to be a formal situation, it’s as simple as telling a person, “I’d like to help but I’m not sure where to start.” You won’t be lost for long.

Actions are Important

Share money, if you have it. Donate materials or services. Offer support. Stand up for others. Amplify and promote those that are doing good work. Volunteer your time. I’ve talked extensively about how to share how you give back to the community and why it’s valuable to your business.

You don’t have the ability to donate time or funds? Then talk about the groups and causes you believe in to the people you know and on the digital channels you have. Promote others, share what you know will help.

You aren’t alone in this. We’re a team in a tough season. Remember, growth is painful but your values are your guiding light. Let me know how I can help you. – Be well

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