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We made it through the holidays! Since it’s the busiest time of year for tech purchases, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite digital resources to help you get through the gifts, setups, frustration, and privacy settings.

When I speak at schools K-12 or adult education, I provide resources based on the questions I get and problems encountered. After years of this, I created a page on my website that I add to as the needs arise. Unless you’ve been in one of those presentations, you may not know it exists so I’m making sure you do. Please share with anyone that could use it!

The digital resources include: tips on critical thinking, parental controls for iOS devices, how to setup gray scale on your phones, keeping your child safe on YouTube, how to turn off your phone from listening to your conversations, and fun stuff too! Please let me know if it’s missing anything or you have a great resource to add.

My favorites:


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