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Instagram has always been unique in that you had to use your mobile device to post to your account. Now Facebook has streamlined the process by incorporating Instagram into Creator Studio. From this location, you can post to Instagram from your desktop without using a third party tool!

We’ve Been Waiting For This!

Previously our only options were to post natively from a phone to Instagram or to use a service from an outside vendor to post strategically. When you manage social media accounts for businesses, this is a BIG inconvenience. I personally use Hootsuite (there are a lot of great services out there) but they can be costly and they’re considered advanced tools.

I understand why Instagram hesitated for so long to allow people to post from the desktop. My belief is that they wanted to hold on to the illusion that posts were spontaneous and “in the moment” with little editing. That ship sailed long ago. Businesses have been taking photos, editing, and sending images back to phones in order to post or using costly outside vendors that we call third party tools. The roundabout delivery hacks were getting old so this will increase our ability to plan, post, and present our brands more professionally.

Connecting Creator Studio

  • You must have both a Facebook Page and an Instagram Business Profile
  • Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Page if it isn’t already. Your Facebook Page can be published (visible) or unpublished (invisible.)
  • Navigate to Creator Studio
  • Choose Get Started

Creator Studio Get Started

  • In the Navigation bar, click on the Instagram logo and Connect

Creator Studio

  • Choose Create Post and you’ll see Instagram Feed or IGTV options (no Stories yet)

Creator Studio Post

  • Enter your caption
  • Add images
  • Add location
  • Cross post to your Facebook Page
  • Publish immediately or schedule

Schedule Posts

A Couple Things

I noticed you can cross post to your Facebook Page at the same time BUT the ability to schedule is removed when you check the box to cross post. Remove the check mark and scheduling returns.

I LOVE the fact that they show under your caption how many characters you have left as well as how many mentions and hashtags are available. Helpful!

Find it Again

I can find Creator Studio from the Business Manager and/or in Publishing Tools on your Page.

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