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Did you know that you could like a Facebook Page as your Page instead of you personally with your Profile? Your brand can interact with other brands on Facebook and increase brand awareness and vendor relationships using this feature.

Why would you want to do that?

If there are vendors you work with regularly or if you want to get on the map with a potential client or partner, this is a great idea. The admin of the Facebook page you’ve just liked will receive a notification that your brand (a) exists and (b)is paying attention to their content. That notification is just the beginning. After that, you can regularly interact with their content as your brand and keep yours on top of their mind. (FYI Not all admins are paying attention to their pages and may miss their notifications. Their loss.)

Facebook Pages

What’s The Benefit?

Your fans can see the other pages your brand likes from the desktop version of Facebook. You can use it to showcase all the pages associated with your brand (think ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Classic, etc.) which can gets fans to interact with multiple pages.

I use mine as a recommendation source. Think about the rack cards for attractions or approved vendors that are front and center when you visit the concierge in a hotel or visitor’s center. All the things they recommend are on cards and brochures, easy to pick up. I think of it as a digital version of that scenario. When my clients ask what brands I recommend, I regularly direct them to the desktop version of my Page and tell them to look for the section that says Pages Liked By This Page.

Not all of your tactics will be grand and over-the-top. There’ are lots of small actions you can take that increase your visibility, demonstrate your willingness to engage with others, and show your awareness of the industry in which you work.

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