How to Schedule Facebook Posts

Just like you, I love to know the tricks of the trade. I want to know how often the mechanic changes her oil; how to get the best service in a restaurant; and what toothbrush is really the best. We can’t resist digging for “pro tips” when we meet an expert. I want to share with you one of the most important functions of professional social media use – the scheduled post.

The Workhorse

Social media managers aren’t witty and creative every day (though I’m sure they’d disagree) and they don’t actually post every day. These communicators have all day meetings, travel days, vacations, and bad days too. So how to they have great content on Facebook every day? They schedule Facebook posts. It’s a part of a typical management routine to schedule some or a lot of content published for brands.

Why Would You Do That?

Just like I mentioned above, there are days that we simply can’t do it all. It could be unexpected, like being sick. It could be planned, like a vacation or a conference. But the real reason scheduling is smart is because we follow a strategy.

Strategy is planning what you want to say to support your mission or goals. I’ve touched on this before in the form of editorial calendars and daily theme documents (downloads available). If you don’t have much of a strategy, those blogs will be a BIG help. It’s important to have an overall vision for what you want your social media channels to do for you. Otherwise you’ll be wandering around aimless and success will be hard to come by.

Planning ahead and scheduling posts into the future is insurance against illness or disruptions. This will allow you to have flow to your communications, a storytelling arc, variety in content, and allows for smart timing.

Now Just a Minute

I know what you’re thinking, “I didn’t know I could schedule Facebook posts. Can I schedule everything?” The short answer is No. Nor would you want to.

There is no one tool to rule them all*, none that schedules every tool you use**. And if you post the same content to multiple channels, why would people want to follow you on more than one? You would be wasting their time by repeating yourself and annoying them for clogging their feeds. They’d unfollow you on potentially ALL of your outposts. And the post that works for Facebook won’t look right on Twitter (this goes for all of them.)

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

  • Navigate to Facebook Page
  • Click into Status Update Box
  • Type a fascinating post
  • Include a link, photo or video
  • Choose News Feed/Share Now button for drop down options
  • Choose Schedule
how to schedule a facebook post image 2
  • Select Publishing Date & Time
  • Select Stop News Feed Distribution if you want the post to NOT be delivered into News Feed (rare choice)
  • Choose Schedule
how to schedule a facebook post image 2
  • Choose Schedule Post

You will find any scheduled posts in Publishing Tools on the Page navigation bar.


As of 10/26/18. Words and button positioning subject to change.

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*One does not simply walk into Mordor.

**I recommend Hootsuite as a social media dashboard. I use it to schedule Twitter, LinkedIn personal and company, and Instagram posts. This is not a sponsored link or blog post.

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